How To Know When It’s Time To End A Friendship

by Aleena Imran

Knowing when to end things on a friendship is just as important as knowing when to call it quits on a relationship.

We spend a lot of time thinking about, reading about, and discussing our primary love connections – a romantic partner, husband, or lover — and trying to figure out if they’re recoverable or worth keeping when things got tough.
What about our friendships, though?

We tend to turn to our friends rather than our main love objects regarding our emotional needs and closeness. They are said to be more neutral and less threatening. Having excellent and strong friendships is essential for our life and other relationships.

We all need friends. Yes, we do. On the other hand, if yours is not bringing you joy, you may need to quit your friendship… but how? Here’s when and how to break up with a buddy in a healthy way.

When is it OK to end a friendship?

Some people assume that friendships last a lifetime, yet we all know that this isn’t always the case. Even friendships that have existed since childhood could change and fall apart. People grow friendships, and as they become older, they must consider how and when to leave them, particularly toxic connections.

Some friends might become obsessively needy, while others may leave for extended periods for no apparent reason, the only reappearance later, seeking to rekindle the connection. However, a friendship should be balanced; there should be few instances of one side always giving and always taking.

It's Time To End A Friendship

Many of us gain confidence in ourselves as we get older, and we don’t have the energy to maintain connections that aren’t working well. However, genuinely ending a friendship isn’t always a simple process! If you’re having trouble deciding whether to terminate a friendship and how to do so without hurting yourself, here are four things to consider.

1- Friends who are self-centered and selfish

Whether it’s a working, romantic, spiritual, or family relationship, all relationships should be two-way. It’s not fair to spend energy on a friend who doesn’t return the same care and affection, and you may feel resentful. As a result, if your friendship is always one-sided, it may be time to call it quits.

Many self-centered friends only emerge when they’re in need and then vanish as soon as you’ve helped them. When you’re in trouble, though, they’ll become mute or offer minimal assistance. It could be time to say goodbye if you have a buddy like this in your life.

2- Betrayal friends

Friendships are built on sharing secrets; after all, they’re there to listen and encourage one another. However, if your friend enjoys gossiping, this may be harmful. To prevent breaking trust by disclosing sensitive information, friends should set limits on what they may and cannot discuss about one other. Make it clear what you don’t want to happen again; a real friend will respect your wishes. Trust is a delicate commodity that is essential to any relationship.It’s Time To End A Friendship

While small betrayals, such as gossiping, may be forgiven if your buddy expresses regret and a wish to rebuild trust, some betrayals are so severe that the friendship cannot be saved. Major betrayals, on the other hand, such as seducing a friend’s partner or stealing, are frequently unforgivable. Such betrayals utterly destroy trust, which might be difficult to re-establish. When this happens, it’s typically time to call it quits on a friendship.

3. Pessimistic friends

Everyone has ups and downs, but if you have a pessimistic buddy (and who doesn’t? ), you might want to reevaluate your connection. Friends that are pessimistic rather than optimistic might bring you down by moaning about their lives, exuding bad energy, dwelling on past mistakes, or even being negative about your ideas or life.It’s Time To End A Friendship

If you’re wondering whether to call it quits on a friendship, this could be the moment. While it’s understandable that you want to look out for your friends, it’s equally critical that you look out for yourself, which includes avoiding people that consistently drag you down. In fact, taking a break from them or talking about how you feel won’t hurt.

It's Time To End A Friendship

4- You’ve become separated

Not every friendship ends in disputes or turmoil. Friendships can fall apart for various reasons, including marriage, a new career, relocating to a different location, or becoming parents. It’s only regular when life circumstances change friendships. Every friend enriches your life in some way, so cherish the time you’ve spent together.


Finding a balance between being there for others and putting yourself first is difficult. You don’t want to come across as arrogant, but you also don’t want to be surrounded by individuals who will not make you happy or encourage you.It’s Time To End A Friendship

Indeed, don’t be afraid to leave such connections because they might prevent you from achieving your pleasure. Before a friendship has a detrimental influence on your mood, conduct, or outlook on life, try to figure out when and how to stop it.

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