The Practical Wedding Planning Guide for a Seamless Day

by Ghost writers


on’t get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing. He liked it. So he put a ring on it. Congratulations!! It is indeed fulfilling to find that one person you plan to annoy for the rest of your life.

This engagement/wedding planning season will help you figure out each other’s quirks before you get married. This is not to dampen your engagement, but when the celebration and well wishes of the family, friends, and social media are over, you need to plan your dream wedding immediately, as the process isn’t a walk in the park.

There are two types of weddings you would plan for this period: the one inspired by Pinterest and the one you can afford. Our advice? While planning your wedding, do not build a mountain of debt that could get you and your partner started on the wrong foot.

Some brides-to-be become bridezillas, spending their big day secretly wanting to punch everyone they’ve ever known on the face. The stress of not having an ideal wedding planning checklist makes many brides want to throw in the towel and elope with the beau instead. But that rarely works out, as there would be too many family and friends to explain. Hence, the only way out is to get a wedding planning guide that is ideal for your wedding culture – this is where we come in. We want our brides relaxed on their big day, and hope this list helps.

Check out the ideal wedding planning guide every bride needs…

#1. Have a “wedding planning meeting” with the boo

Unless you plan to be Lord of the Rings, then this meeting is a necessity. This is where you set dates for introduction, traditional, court, and white weddings. Then you create a budget and decide who is bringing what, draft a guest list, decide on your bridesmaids/groomsmen, and other key elements of the wedding. This may require several dates to iron everything out, but the earlier you get started, the better. There’s so much to do, love. I suggest you work on time.

#2. Delegate responsibilities to family and friends willing to help

Whether you’re working with a professional wedding planner or not, you’ll have a lot to handle. So get a wedding planning checklist – buy one, print one from the internet, or develop yours based on all you need to cover for your own unique wedding.

Take on the responsibilities designed for you—the ones that can’t be passed on, like wedding dress fitting. For the rest, delegate. Hopefully, you have family and friends willing to ease your stress. This will give you more time to research online for your wedding dress, hairstyle, wedding decoration, court marriage, and reception look. Depending on the type of wedding you opt for, the endless list that will make up your dream wedding could be exhausting.

Getting all hands on deck will also give you time to continue building your relationship with your groom – you don’t want to become strangers by the time the wedding day arrives.

#3. Start shopping as soon as possible

Start shopping for your wedding dress, and everything non-perishable. Save yourself from the predictable nervous breakdown that comes with last-minute runarounds. Shopping is a happier experience when you are not desperate to buy under pressure. Sometimes, vendors feed on your desperation and would gladly double the price.

#4. Establish a skincare routine

It is never a good idea to leave this till the last minute. The earlier you get a skincare routine in place, the better. You don’t want an uneven skin tone or breakouts on your big day. So let’s make something clear, and that should be your skin. This routine starts with sunscreen, because, best believe it, you’ll be 50 shades of “I should have worn sunscreen” on your big day if you skip on this. You should add exercising and other self-care routines to this.

#5. Vendor sourcing

Do your exhaustive research! Lockdown venues, wedding dress, videographer, photographer, makeup artists, caterer, cakes, etc. These vendors should all be listed on your planning checklist. If you’re planning your own wedding, include all necessary information in your vendor table, so that anyone can help you follow up with your vendors if things get busy.

#6. Start sewing your clothes

If you have encountered the stereotypical average wedding tailor, you will understand why you need to devote a lot of energy to this. There have been stories of brides in poorly sewn outfits with threads flying out and zips parting ways, while some have heard the “I’m sorry, my grandmother died…” lyrics.

This is a crucial part of planning a dream wedding, so ensure you stay in touch with your tailor and visit regularly. Anytime you visit your tailor, and you’re asked to leave and not worry, stay put and demand your outfits be produced, so you know what stage of metamorphosis they are currently on. Remember, you’re the center of attraction, and slay you must on that day.

#7. Send a playlist to the DJ

If you don’t want to be surprised on your big day, then own it. It’ll be great to create the wedding ambiance you have dreamed of. Be sure to send your desired playlist to the DJ ahead of time, specifying which songs should be playing at key moments. Make your first dance memorable by dancing to your favorite songs.

#8. Book spa and beauty treatments for you and your bridal party

This is beyond fun, and it is therapeutic. It is like having your own little corner of the world disappear too. This will help ensure you and your girls serve blinding glows on your big day. Fair enough? Do not use unfamiliar creams or masks on your face a few days before your wedding. You can’t risk a crazy breakout.

#9. Book wedding day hotel/transportation

65% of your big day would be fantasizing about when you can lie down again, and that’s after taking out the bobby pins, and waist trainers, and revealing your real face with the help of cleansers and a needed bath. Ensure both you and your guests already know the hotel arrangements following the event. You don’t want to start worrying about this after the reception. We can all agree that you have bigger fish to fry on your wedding night. *Wink*

#10. The bridal survival kit

Pack an “emergency kit” for the wedding day, which may include: safety pins, tissues, cosmetics, hairspray, needle and cotton threads, headache pills, mints, and any other premeditated item you think you might need, then hand it over to your maid of honor. Not all heroes wear capes, you know?

#11. The big day

The day we have all been waiting for is finally here. The only thing you need to do is look beautiful and be happy. You have worked too hard for this day not to have the time of your life. Eat a good breakfast! Allow yourself plenty of time to get ready.

There will be plenty of aunties and uncles dishing different kinds of marital advice. Listen. Smile at them, then does whatever you want to do anyway (so long as it’s on the right path).

A wedding is a party, not a performance. If you are married to the one you love at the end of the day, then everything went perfectly. I hope your wedding turns out as beautiful as what you pinned on Pinterest.


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