Pennsylvania Attorney charged with Assault

by spicyray

Jeffery Thomas, a Pennsylvania District Attorney, has been charged with assault and rape after entering a woman’s apartment without permission. Pennsylvania police say Thomas choked his victim and told her not to call for help. Sources say Thomas sent the woman a Snapchat message around 11 pm on September 18, telling her he’d be at her apartment. His alleged victim responded, asking him not to.

But court papers say Thomas went to the victim’s home and forced his way in when she asked him to leave her alone. According to police reports, Thomas slapped her in the face, causing her nose to bleed. Thomas allegedly fondled her bra, choked her, and then raped her. The police report noted Thomas reportedly grabbed the victim’s hair while choking her. The court documents say Thomas asked her if she planned to call the cops, and that’s when she told him no

Law enforcement searched the victim’s apartment and determined Thomas was the alleged perp of the rape. Thomas was arrested around 8 pm and charged with assault, strangulation, criminal trespass, and rape.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro released a statement about the incident, saying it was disturbing. Reports say Thomas and the victim knew each other before the crime occurred; they worked together for years. Sources say

Thomas attempted to make their relationship a sexual one, and he reportedly stalked the woman by driving around her neighborhood. Thomas had a successful law practice. He won the election by a 60 percent majority. Before his arrest, Thomas often spoke about his desire to end the drug epidemic in the city.

Thomas’ bail was $5,000, which he posted and was released last Thursday. He will return to court for another hearing next Wednesday.

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