4 Obstacles to Spiritual Growth and How to Overcome Them

Spiritual growth does not just come on a platter of gold. If you have been on the journey to spiritual maturity, you will agree with me that it has its high and low moments. But what is the difference between those who finally witness consistent growth in their spiritual journey and those who don’t? I dare to say that the difference may just be the reason for desiring growth.

For some people, the desire for spiritual growth starts when they are faced with challenges and ends when such problems seem to have been temporarily taken care of. For others, the desire to spiritually grow is championed by a deep sense of purpose. No matter what your motivation towards growth is, you are bound to encounter certain obstacles on the way.

 But rest easy. For there is always a way out of every seeming challenge. Knowing what some of these obstacles are will help you identify them and overcome them when they arise. So what are these obstacles?

#1. Believing you have to do or become what you are not to grow

4 Obstacles to Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is first a function of knowing and then doing. It is that point of awareness a person comes to and realizes that there is a better place to be than where they are. Spirituality is that deep connection that happens between a man and himself.

The goal of spiritual growth is to bring you to a place where you understand better who you are. But it doesn’t end at that. You are also exposed to the possibilities that are within your grasp if he can make contact with a higher reality.

On your journey to spiritual growth, you will come face to face with the temptation to “do” rather than “realize.” Understand that you do not have to become what you are not before you can grow. Growth first acknowledges the present reality. Learn to appreciate where and who you are. Believe you are spiritual and perfect, and reach out for higher measures.

#2. Failing to put into practice what was learned

4 Obstacles to Spiritual Growth

While on the journey to spiritual growth, you will come face to face with different lessons. Desiring to make contact with a higher reality is like enrolling in a school with a study outline. The essence of the lessons learned in this school is not to gain head knowledge or increase in academic prowess. It is to the end that you will put into practice what you have learned 4 Obstacles to Spiritual Growth.

#3. Believing that you are unworthy

4 Obstacles to Spiritual Growth

Growth comes when you apply what has been learned. There is no point waiting and waiting for everything to fall into place. You already have all you need: awareness and realization that you are on the right spiritual path. All you have to do is begin to act along that path straight away. Don’t just stop at awareness. Start acting it out.

For so many people, believing that they are worthy and deserving of the great things happening to them is a big issue. This feeling of unworthiness also interferes in the journey towards spiritual growth. It is possible to believe subconsciously that spiritual growth is for a select few 4 Obstacles to Spiritual Growth.

So we develop prototypes in our minds that, when placed side-by-side with where we are, create a feeling of unworthiness. Know that true spirituality can be accessed by anyone, notwithstanding who they are and where they are. This knowledge will help you come to terms with who you are to trust more in the guidance from within.

#4. Thinking you have arrived

4 Obstacles to Spiritual Growth

Appreciating the progress you have made so far in your journey is beautiful. But if you ever get to the point where you begin to believe that you have arrived at your destination, your growth becomes stagnated.

I see spiritual journey more like enrolling in a lifetime school. You don’t graduate from it. Instead, you keep learning and getting better 4 Obstacles to Spiritual Growth.

It is quite natural to begin to rely on and glory in the milestones you reached in the past. No matter how far you think you may have gone on this journey, you can go much further. That point where you think you may have arrived may just be a resting point before you are launched into the subsequent significant discovery.


Your desire to grow spiritually is valid. Don’t ever believe you can’t attain that spiritual height you have always envisioned. If it is available, then it is attainable.


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