The drug business continues to bring about interesting conversations throughout Latin America.  It was recently discovered that drug smugglers in Panama used a cat as their means of choice to bring drugs into a prison.

The incident took place at the Nueva Esperanza jail which housed more than 1700 prisoners.  According to Insight Crime, drug prosecutor Eduardo Rodríguez said in an interview with Panamanian television channel Telemetro.  “The cat had a piece of cloth wrapped around its neck, with cocaine, marijuana, and crack inside it.”

Upon further investigation, Insight Crime discovered cats were not the only animals used as pawns for drug activities.




In 2013, a gang in Lomas de Zamora took pigeons’ legs and tied small tubes with marijuana in it.  In fact, authorities in a Costa Rica prison found a pigeon in their courtyard with 14 grams of marijuana on its chest according to Insight Crime.  


A mouse was discovered carrying drugs inside a Brazilian prison.  The creature was spotted by prison authorities running around with a string tied to its tail. Upon further inspection, authorities found 20 bags of cocaine and 30 bags of marijuana in a cell block; it was learned that the mouse had been trained to smuggle drugs.


While snakes can’t smuggle drugs into prisons, they have been used in other ways such as at international transports. In 1993, customs inspectors at Miami International Airport found 35 kilograms of cocaine inside the bodies of 312 live boa constrictors that had come from Bogotá, Colombia.  An x-ray discovered that the cocaine had been put in a condom and placed inside one of the snakes’ rectums after it was sewn shut.  

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