5 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Working Out When That’s The Last Thing You Want To Do

by Vivian Bens

Although exercise helps us stay healthy and fit, many of us don’t enjoy it; we are rarely motivated to get up and break a sweat. Oftentimes, just like me, you may be stuck in the today-morrow procrastination ride. Given we are in 2022, this year could be a fitness dream.

If you heard there were ways to trick yourself to enjoy exercising, would you finally hit the treadmill? Well, I thought I’d give you a fighting chance by sharing tips on how to enjoy exercising.

According to Arash Javanbakht M.D. of Psychology Today, “Working regularly does change brain biology, and it is not just “go walk and you will feel better,” he says.

He added, “Regular exercise, especially cardio, does change the brain. Contrary to what some may think, the brain is a plastic organ. Not only are new neuronal connections formed every day, but also new cells are generated in important areas of the brain. One key area is the hippocampus, which is involved in learning, memory, and regulating negative emotions.”

What that, let’s check out 5 ways to trick yourself to enjoy exercising …

#1. Choose the right gym wear

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No one knows better than you that your outfit could determine your mood. Thinking of stylish ways to trick yourself to enjoy exercising? Slip into that perfect fitting workout clothes and it can be an instant mood booster!

#2. Take a walk

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Convince yourself to walk a 10-minute stroll on a cool morning or evening. You’d definitely be surprised how long the walk could get. Even if you decide to turn back, the walk will start you in the right direction. Here’s the good part: those calories burn baby, they burn. Just don’t go home and decide to load up on carbs for energy. Yes, I’m giving you the side-eye.

#3. Phone a friend

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The idea of taking walks or going to the gym with your friend(s) while dressed up in your full gear sounds juicy. Think about all the conversations that would go down alongside calories. It could even be your partner, and that’s an automatic bonding time. Wink.

It’s been proven when we work out with a buddy, it makes us accountable.

For example, let’s say you get tired of going to the gym okay cool, no problem. But let’s say it happens on a regular basis, then that’s where a friend comes because you teach each other to acknowledge your parts. It also increases your creative side, because the two of you will have to put your heads together to find solutions to get back on track.

According to Intermountain Healthcare, “Friendly competition. If you’re a little competitive, working with a friend can make you push yourself more than if you were going solo.

One caution: Don’t become competitive that your friend becomes your “frenemy.”
Take up your friend’s interest and give Zumba a try. Then find an activity you enjoy and invite your friend to try something new. Changing things up can also support the goal of making exercise fun.

#4. Loosen up a bit

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Sometimes we set unrealistic fitness goals that end up crippling us because they aren’t flexible. Rather than doing 200 sit-ups a day, begin with 20. It will surprise you how quickly you smash your goal. And the encouragement you feel afterward is sufficient fuel to hit 50. Also, endeavor to make working out more fun than an obligation.

“A break from life. Sometimes we want to have some interactions with people outside of work, or even away from the kiddos,
” says an article in Intermountain Healthcare.

“Having a workout buddy can give you the opportunity to talk about personal interests, thoughts on politics, exciting news about you or your family, or even vent about something at work that’s weighing you down. Working out with a friend allows you to step away from the responsibilities of life and enjoy some time to work on your social well-being.”

#5. Watch fitness videos

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Thankfully, there are lots of fitness experts on social media offering different packages. Search out the one that reverberates with you and begin duplicating. If you don’t intend to commit financially in the beginning, there are millions of workout videos available for free on YouTube and Instagram. Download or save videos you find inspiring, as they come in handy when needed. You could even join a virtual workout class for accountability. This can be highly motivating.

As you become more committed to fitness, you can get advanced home workout equipment, such as bikes and treadmills, from brands like Peloton. Also get the right apparel and accessories from fitness brands like Lululemon, Adidas or Fabletics. It would surprise you how these steps of discipline can form a beneficial habit in the long run.

You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.

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