I read once that one human being possesses the ability to learn and master over five thousand abilities. I didn’t think it was a reliable fact and neither did my friends. That made me wonder how many things I was good at and I promised myself that I would not be limited by anything and that I would be open to learning any new skill. It also made me realize I already knew how to do a bunch of stuff already and I was good at it. I wasn’t always so sure of what I wanted to do for a living.

I’ve had a lot of career choices over the years and at nineteen, I can say for a fact that I’ve figured out the right thing for me to do. Everyone at different points in their lives had to make different choices according to what they’re good at.

My mum has always been supportive of whatever my siblings and I decided we were going to do when we “grow up”. When I was much younger, my mum called me “miss world” because I wanted to be a beauty queen or a model. I didn’t think much about the choice I had made since I was five years old and didn’t know how much effort it took to be either of those things. My favorite memory of that phase of my life was when my mum would gather all the kids from the compound at night when she was back from work or school to teach us how to walk.

I was a natural then and I even competed at a fashion show in church on children’s day and I was “Miss Lagos”. It was one of the happiest moments I had as a child, I felt so beautiful and I felt so sure it was what I wanted to do with my life well, at that time anyway.

Up next was when I took up acting and I was also singing at the time but singing wasn’t my thing, I also danced a little. The first play I ever took part in was in church when I was six and I was told to play the role of a step-sister to the lead that I treated badly. So basically, I was the evil stepsister.

I remember feeling scared and nervous but excited at the same time. I didn’t know what I was doing at the time but it felt good and I went along with it. I had a lot of rehearsals to go to both for singing and acting so I was pretty busy. I continued acting even as I got older and started to pick up on other hobbies too.

For me, it was mostly in church but I did a dance drama in school once. I was a junior in secondary school at the time and I was the new kid as we just moved to Agbor, Delta State and I wanted to fit in. I didn’t have a lot of friends then so I decided to take part in the school dancing play and it turned out good. I also directed a play that I wrote once and it felt really good to be in charge of people when they bring each character to life which is incredibly beautiful.

  I took to science in my senior year in school, a decision that I don’t entirely know why I took because I loved arts. Growing up, my sister and I had a lot of books at our disposal and it stuck with us even till now. My mother was a huge fan of novels and it rubbed off on us so it’s no secret as to why I ended up writing. I wrote my first book when I was eight and I titled it “what you sow”. It was a play about a family and how the actions of parents made their children go through things that they didn’t know the roots of.

I do have two unfinished books in an app that supports writers and my mum was my first fan. One of the reasons why I love writing is because it helps me understand how I see things and I do think to an extent that writing is therapeutic. I see things clearly or help myself process how I feel about certain topics when I write and it’s a feeling that I love.

I still had the acting and the writing thing going for me when I took up fashion at seventeen. I was done with school by then and wanted to learn a useful skill and since I already knew a few things about sewing, I decided to go for tailoring. It didn’t take me time to learn new things and by the time I was ready to make my clothes, I was ecstatic.

One thing that I was excited about was that I had never felt toward anything I knew how to do like the way I felt about fashion. I started sketching my designs, giving names to my future clothing lines, and my mum and I planned on doing business together sometime in the future.I had a lot of plans toward starting my own business but I still wanted to continue writing.

During the lock-down, I picked up hairdressing and also taught myself how to bake through the help of you-tube videos and cooking apps. I have listed quite a bit of what I know how to do and I hope on acquiring more skills. There’s a saying “Jack of all trades and master of none” that’s used to describe people who were into a lot of things stuff. People believe that once you’re too focused on a lot of things at the same time, you won’t be good at any of them and I plan on disputing that fact. I want to show people that you can as much as you want and still be the best in all.

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