6 Sure-fire Ways To Improve A Strained Relationship

by Vivian Bens
5 min read


very relationship has its sizzling moments when you can’t take your hands off each other. Eventually, there will be times when it almost feels like strangers. The distinguishing factor that makes any relationship stand the test of time is a willing couple ready to jolt things back into a renewed electrifying connection. 

While there are couples who lose the spark instantly, others may notice the “spark” dwindle within the years. After the initial euphoria of the relationship, things tend to cool off, but a flickering ember lurks around anticipating a fanning flame moment. If your relationship is strained, that isn’t an indicator to throw in the towel and give up hope.

Check out relationship expert-approved ways to rekindle your relationship…

#1. Reminisce about the good ol’ days


The solution to spicing up a strained relationship might be to journey to the basics. Indulge in some of the things you used to do when you started dating. Concentrate on the sentiments you once felt at the start of your relationship, and imagine your mind straying eagerly towards your partner. Be spontaneous, purchase tickets to your partner’s favorite game, or suggest a last-minute adventure you’ve been considering. The goal is to set aside time for each other to focus solely on your relationship. This initiative should be free of other obligations or distractions.

#2. Perceive positively


Some individuals start to panic when their relationship no longer passes the “butterfly in my stomach” vibe check, but this is a fallacious expectation of a healthy relationship. On the contrary, boredom or strain in a relationship is a normal human phenomenon.  As a couple, make an effort to identify and solve any concerns through proactive techniques like talking. This approach is a proven way to ignite passion and encourage empathy. By realizing that boredom is a natural part of relationships, you reduce unrealistic expectations of each other. Boredom does not indicate your relationship is lost, but it may indicate a time to breathe new life into things for a deeper connection.

#3. Plan a vacation


A vacation is a fantastic opportunity to add some excitement and passion to your life. If you haven’t traveled together in a long time, pick a destination that one of you has always wanted to see, and off you go! Choose a different destination if you always spend your summer vacation at the same cottage. When a vacation seems unpredictable and adventurous, it may pique the interest of all parties involved. This helps stimulate the senses and create anticipation. Hopefully, the shared experience will be both thrilling and unforgettable.

#4. Sexual intimacy


The sheets play a major role in lubricating a romantic relationship. A lack of sexual intimacy can lead to emotional boredom and exhaustion. Adulthood indeed comes with unavoidable busy schedules, which might leave us too exhausted to be playful and creative with our partners. Consider cuddling up next to him on the couch, or style her hair and give her a massage. As simple as it sounds, reach out to hold their hand and feel the bonding grow again. Even the tiniest physical contact might help build and strengthen your bond.

#5. Try new things together 


Opting to learn a new skill, interest, or pastime, as a couple, will invigorate your relationship and strengthen your bond. Activities like rock climbing, or enrolling in an art class if you haven’t done so previously, can serve as the antidote. The idea is to choose an activity that feels fresh, interesting, adventurous, and unique.

It’s ironic, right? How can focusing on your wellbeing be beneficial to your relationship? A quick evaluation of times when you experienced burnout and how it made you an irritable partner—one that wasn’t pleasant to be around.  In this light, taking care of yourself physically and mentally has a positive ripple effect.  Participating in activities that make you happy and invigorated will improve your attitude. Maintaining fair expectations of your partner is easier when you are content with your own life. Make time for your interests and passions. Have a strong support system in place, this should include crucial relationships with loved ones who aren’t your partner.

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