A land of diversity in cultures, religions, languages, and food is how we can explain India. Full of mind-blowing places and genuinely hospitable people, who take guests as equal to God. It is not just a destination to travel to, but a lifetime unforgettable experience for travelers. However, if you are traveling to India for the very first time, it can be tremendous and a bit scary at the same time. Here are six tips that can make your stay in this incredible country much more pleasant.

1. Cultures are different from state to state– India is full of diversity, you can see deference in cultures in every state. In the western states of India, there are differences in language, art, music, literature, and ethnicities. Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Goa are famous as tourist places for their historical forts and beaches.

2. Keep the cash in on your handIt is always good to carry cash with you while traveling to India. No doubt huge cities accept debit and credit cards, but traveling to rural areas could be problematic. Some of the city markets are like bundles of joy for shopping lovers, so keeping the stock of cash means you can accomplish your every aspiration.

4. Dress up comfortably You must dress according to their culture and region when you are in India. It is necessary to cover yourself while entering the worship places. This doesn’t mean you have to pack your bags with long tunics and kurtas, but make sure you have some modest clothes covering your arms and legs. Also, keep a scarf with you to cover your head when you visit sacred places to not hurting anyone’s religious feelings Things to Know before Visiting India.

5. Learn to bargain- When you are in India, shopkeepers, guides, and people at tourist attractions will try to become tricksters with you by demanding exaggerative money from you. So it’s better to learn to bargain and negotiate with them as much as you can. Taxi drivers may charge more fare from you or take you from the longer route. To avoid such mishappening, you may go to government-owned handicraft outlets and use public transport whereas possible.

6. Keep calm and adapt to the chaos India is an extremely loud and busy country with many different people and activities happening all at the same time. As the second-largest populous country in the world, we can expect mass gatherings everywhere. While traveling to India, one must stay calm as the tourist guides, and taxi drivers can make you go crazy and pursue you everywhere at railway stations and tourist places Things to Know before Visiting India.

India is incredible for its beauty, its hospitality, and diversity. People create unforgettable memories here that attract them to come over here again. As the coin also has two sides, some travelers had a terrifying experience during their trip, but some had made lifetime friendly relationships with the kind-hearted people of India.

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