6 Types Of Friends You Need To Have In Your Life

by Ghost writers


oing through life without friends is difficult, and frankly, unimaginable. Why experience life painfully alone when you can do it with people who will make the journey worthwhile? Friends make everything better, and they can be exactly what you need at key points in your life. The great thing is that you can choose your friends.

So, what type of friends do you need? I have a few suggestions that you might consider:

A Best Friend

We all need that one friend who knows us as no one else. They know all your secrets, they’re there in the good and bad times. They are always in the forefront, trying to fight your battles like it’s theirs. This type of friend is the one you can always be yourself with, without fear of being judged. It’s easy to classify a best friend as a sibling because they love you like one.

An Honest One

The truth is usually a bitter pill to swallow, so it’s easy to hide in friendships where people lie to make you feel good. But sometimes, you need to suck it up and speak to someone who will tell you the cold, hard truth. This is what the honest friend is for.
An honest friend will never try to sugarcoat the truth just so you feel good. They will tell you the facts and help you get your head back in the game. They always give the “tough love” which everyone needs every once in a while.

A Work Buddy

If you have a full-time job, it means you spend more time at work than anywhere else. So, if you stay isolated at work, you are at a huge risk of falling into depression. Having a buddy at work that you can talk to during food or coffee breaks makes a world of difference. They make the workplace much more colorful for you, and you’ll find yourself loving the idea of going in to work every day. Though turning a colleague into a friend takes time, however, once the friendship blossoms, it will improve your work condition.

A Mentor

Friendships should never only be about fun and games. As much as you need a friend to always have your back, you also need one to guide you when you seem lost. This type of friend must be someone you look up to. Someone you aspire to be like in certain areas.
A wise mentor will listen to you when you speak and give the best advice to see you through whatever you’re experiencing. They inspire you to be better, and every time you speak to them, you go home properly motivated.

A Funny/Goofy Pal

This type of friend knows exactly what to do to make you laugh. They are the kind you call on to hang out when you’re having a bad day, because their humor is like medicine. When you’re with them, you enjoy life a lot more, because you can leave the seriousness at the door and just chill, play, and goof around.

One From a Different Culture

Before you travel the world, the best way to experience other customs and traditions is by having a friend from a different culture. A friend who does not share the same culture as you tend to open your mind to a world outside your own. They can teach you to learn a new language, taste different foods, and even motivate you to travel.

They say that having friends makes us live longer. Friends share in every part of your life, and they make it better. They’re holding your hands in the painful times, they’re laughing with you in the good times, and their love serves as an anchor when life tries to toss and turn you. Find you these types of friends and watch your life blossom.

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