8-year-old gunned down petting horse


Last Saturday,  in Augusta, Georgia, law enforcement confirmed that  8-year-old Arbrie Leigh Anthony was shot in the head and killed as she petted horses.

Anthony spent the day at her aunt’s home, but the all honor-roll student was dead later that evening. Law enforcement said before the killers left the crime scene, they released 5 to 10 random bullets that struck Anthony and a horse.

Anthony’s neighborhood was a stomping ground where horses were kept. The triggermen fled in a red or orange Jeep Compass.

Three men questioned

On Monday, three men were placed in custody after a traffic stop; chief Jeremy Kitchens with Grovetown Department of Public Safety said officers assisted the U.S. Marshals Service and Richmond County Sheriff’s Office when the three men were pulled over on a traffic violation.

Law enforcement’s pled Before the suspects were detained

Sheriff Richard Roundtree said,

“We are following up on every lead that comes in, but I cannot and will not accept the fact that no one knows who these suspects are. There are individuals in this community that knew why they were there, knew what they were there for, and knew who they were after, but yet they’ve failed to come forward with this information.”

All acts of violence involving gunfire are senseless but when it comes to a child, we take that one personally,” Roundtree said, calling the gunmen “cowards.”

Anthony’s family devastated

Pictured with her father GoFundMe/Jason Prouty

“It was just a normal Saturday, a normal day. She loved to play outside,” Anthony’s aunt, Jamila McDaniel, told The Augusta Chronicle, recalling that she’d visited with her niece and brought her a purple Powerade just hours before the shooting. “I’m just not understanding why someone would do something like that.”

“My brother will never be the same,” she said of Anthony’s father. “What that person stole from him, from us, it’s so unimaginable the pain and hurt. He took something so precious from us for something so senseless.”

McDaniel described her niece as full of spunk and charisma, a student with a fondness for TikTok and love for traveling. Jenkins-White Elementary School officials said they would make grief counselors available for staff and students in light of Anthony’s death, which they said left the entire community “deeply saddened.”

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