83-Year-Old Joe Ligon Is Believed to Be the Longest Man to Serve a Prison Sentence as a Juvenile

by spicyray

In 1953, Joe Ligon made the worse decision of his life.  At the age of 15, he and some of his then friends were convicted of robbing citizens around the Philadelphia area; at the time, Ligon and his friends thought they were engaging in petting crimes until two of their victims were killed in a robbery gone wrong.  

Ligon maintains that he never took the victims’ lives. However, he and his friends pled guilty and were given mandatory life sentences.  Ligon was released from prison several weeks ago. He is believed to be the longest man to serve a juvenile life sentence in the USA.  Until his release, Ligon had spent seven decades behind bars.

Bradley Bridge was the lawyer who worked for over 14 years trying to have Ligon’s case reviewed at the higher court.  Bridge told CNN, “The child that committed those crimes back in 1953 no longer exists. The person that came out of prison in 2021 is 83 years old, has grown, changed, and is no longer a threat.”

While Ligon told CNN, “I’m a grownup now.  I’m not a kid anymore. Not only am I a grown man, I’m an old man and getting older every day.”

You can read more about his story here


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