Humans are social beings. We live together in packs. We build communities where we interact in diverse ways. A significant reason for these interactions is the innate desire to be close to each other, connect, and be there for one another. It’s impossible to see a person surviving alone for long, whether in a city, village, or jungle. We all need one another to survive, grow, do well in life and achieve a purpose. What then is that which connects one person to another? Yes, you guessed right – relationships.

The statement that no man is an island can’t be more accurate. A person can go fast, but two persons would go far.    What it would take a man three days to achieve, three persons might achieve in a day if they work harmoniously.

This is why it is vital for one to always maintain good relationships.

A good relationship is vital as well as helpful. It can help us accelerate towards goals. It also has other benefits—whether it is a romantic relationship with a spouse, lover, family members, friends, colleagues, superiors, juniors, or even a closer relationship with The Creator.

Attributes of a good relationship

Before we look at the benefits of a good relationship, let’s first look at the attributes a relationship must have before it can be classified as a good one.

Some of those attributes are:






Shared values or interests


Open communication



If you are in a relationship where these and more are prevalent, you have a healthy relationship. You should, however, constantly work on the skills listed above.  

 A good relationship brings growth

A good relationship shared amongst different people brings about growth for everyone involved. People in good relationships love, help, and support each other. They are always at the beck and call of one another physically and practically. They would readily extend a helping hand when others wouldn’t. These are qualities needed for accelerated growth

It isn’t difficult to understand why people in good relationships achieve goals faster. They are better positioned to receive important information concerning job openings, scholarship opportunities, business grants, loans, and contracts.

Good relationships are also helpful emotionally and psychologically. When a person seems overwhelmed by life issues, encouraging words, a helpful hand, and empathy will go a long way.  A person in a good relationship can handle anxiety, worry, and depression better. The same goes for a good friend, colleague, or religious leader. Good mental health is also essential for accelerated growth.

Another way good relationships bring about acceleration is the ability to intellectually learn. This is more pronounced in mentor-mentee relationships. When there is a significant relationship, the mentee gains because they receive access to the mentor’s gifts and unconditional acceptance.

Good relationships between partners, family members, neighbors, friends, colleagues, and others can enhance life and expose him (or her) to opportunities for growth. Few people won’t want to go overboard for people they have poor or no relationships with.  It only happens in rare cases.

Good relationships don’t just happen. They are products of effort and perseverance.  But to cherish and build good relationships is worth it in every sense of the word.  It’s time for you to build a great relationship; and when it’s going smoothly, look for ways to maintain it.

Always remember that the more you put into a relationship, the more you get out of it.

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