A Medical Student Who Threw Acid On An Ex-girlfriend Was Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison

Milad Rouf is accused of throwing acid on his ex-girlfriend — Photo Credit: Sussex Police

A sick, twisted, deranged London a man named Milad Rouf, received 15-years in prison for the heinous attack on his then-girlfriend, Rym Alaoui.  According to news reports, Alaoui was a junior doctor and had broken up with Miland in May of this year.  Apparently, Milad could not move on with his life, and that’s when he did the unbelievable. Dressed as a black woman in a fat suit and sunglasses, he went to Alaoui’s home with acid.  After she opened the door, Rouf handed her a note; as she read it, he tossed the acid in her face.  

Although Alaoui did not attend the bum’s sentencing, she wrote a statement read in court. 

“When I came to answer the door that day, a substance I now know to be was thrown into my face,” she wrote. “Since the day I was subject to this horrific attack, my life has changed. I live in pain and fear of my future wellbeing and financial hardship,” according to news reports.

 “The impact of the attack includes severe damage to my right eye, which I am still unable to see out of. Damage to eyelids and damage to skin on face, neck, and arm. I am unable to move my neck and close my eyelids. I have had five surgeries. I’m still trying to come to terms with more procedures and operations…I cannot begin to imagine why somebody would commit such a premeditated and horrible attack. I cannot understand what was in his mind.”

The heartless Rouf was also a medical student, and his despicable actions resulted from jealousy and obsession.  “You thought about what you wanted to do and how you were going to do it and planned it over weeks before carrying it out,” Judge Christine Laing said in court, according to The Guardian.

Local police were able to apprehend the low-life Rouf after they discovered CCTV footage of him.  Reports were when police searched this slime ball’s home. They discovered a shopping list with elements of his disguise, including the fat suit and a black morph suit.

The judge told Rouf he was a danger to women as he gave Rouf extended prison time. 

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