Have you ever fantasized about traveling around the world, meeting new people, and experiencing new places while having a once-in-a-lifetime adventure? Angela Maxwell is accomplishing this, but not in the way you may expect. There is one significant difference: Maxwell is not traveling by plane or car to her next destination. She does it in an old-fashioned way. She travels on her foot. And nothing excites her more than walking from one spot to another.  

Walking all across the globe:  

For the past five years, Maxwell has been walking throughout the world. Maxwell was inspired to embark on this adventure after hearing about a man who had done it a few years before. She thought it was both insane and exciting. Then Maxwell began to wonder if it had ever been done by a woman before. Now she has turned into that woman.  

 “I thought I was happy,” she said, “but in retrospect, I realised that I was searching for more… for a deeper connection with nature and people – by living on less and connecting with the world around me.” Ms. Maxwell told BBC.

Maxwell sold all of her stuff and organized the essential things once she decided to leave. She stuffed a cart with 50kg of camping gear, dried food, a military-grade water filter, and clothing for four seasons. On May 2, 2014, Maxwell departed her hometown of Bend, Oregon, for an experience so vast that it was probably best she didn’t know what was ahead of her.  

Maxwell views her trip as a series of adventures:  

You may wonder that Maxwell isn’t an athlete. According to the BBC, she did find time for exercise in her routine, but she did nothing special to prepare for her long trek across the world. Even when completing research for her future excursion, Maxwell knew that she could prepare nothing except the route for her voyage.  

Ms. Maxwell has walked the ‘amazing’ South Island of New Zealand, as well as Mongolia, Vietnam, Sardinia, and most recently Scotland. 

Maxwell, an introvert, prefers lengthy walks alone, but he also enjoys meeting new people along the way and learning more about them and their cultures. Slow exploring, according to her, is the most acceptable method to learn and extend your ideas and creativity.  

Hardships in her journey:  

‘I was walking 30 to 40 kilometers a day, and I got heat stroke where my skin was bubbling in the sun.’ She told BBC.

There were plenty of challenges along the road. Angela was even attacked sexually. After surviving a rape by a nomad who broke into her tent in Mongolia, she found that the only way to cope was to keep moving forward.  

Her life lessons for all adventurers:  

“I’ve faced the feeling of failure several times in my life and on this walk. I’ve found the greatest strength is in accepting the falls and perfecting how we move forward with integrity and clarity. Oftentimes, it’s just about taking a deep breath while stepping into the unknown and hope it’s the best decision you’ve ever made!”  Maxwell said.

She went out into the world to connect with it, and in the process, she met a lot of individuals. Angela was able to raise money for NGOs such as World Pulse and Her Future Coalition due to her voyage.    

Angela is a great inspirational speaker that inspires and encourages people all over the world by sharing the numerous experiences she has acquired throughout her journey. 

She’s now back at home, working on a book. She’ll be back on the road soon enough since she’s making plans for future trips.   

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