Metro Mars, a rapper from Atlanta, has booked a spot behind bars last week for deliberately splashing $10 000 on stage. Although the rapper is out of jail, the incident took place at the rapper’s graduation at Langston Hughes High School last week.  A video showed Mars, 18, in his graduation gown walking across the stage to receive his diploma when he decided to throw money in the air as fellow graduates scrambled to get any amount they could.

School authorities were upset and afterward, Mars was arrested by the police. Mars posted the video of his arrest on Instagram.  He is being charged with attempting to incite a riot and disorderly conduct although it is unclear if he will face ongoing criminal charges.

In an interview with Christina Calloway of The Shade Room, Mars defended his actions by saying he was showing generosity, especially to his fellow graduates that might have been struggling with financial constraints. “I was creating a moment that would be memorable,” he told Calloway. “I had to do that for the last time. Everybody was lit! We graduating high school!”

Mars added that another factor that influenced his decision was the inability to see his friends in person because of COVID-19 restrictions. Regarding school authorities’ supposedly negative response to the money debacle, Mars claimed teachers and other staff have supported him regarding the incident.  He also noted that school authorities had seen him involved as a developing artist. He had been making music since 9th grade.

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