As time evolved and things changed, a lot has been discovered that has been helpful to us. From painting on rocks in the caves to using machines that do almost all of our daily work, we are blessed to enjoy technology’s benefits.

However, many of us will agree that the most powerful tool in this era is Social Media. This technology feature has improved most aspects of our lives. From education, medicine, food to business and communication, social media is considered a potent tool.

Most of us use it almost daily for different reasons. We earn through social media as others study and get an education through it. But then again, this powerful tool has wrecked our society in many different ways.

The most common and relatable to us all is the myths and fakery this tool promotes. People display fake lives and so many myths that leave many of us fooled. We desire to do and be like what we see on social media without identifying the myths and fakes in it.

Social media is powerful, and you sure do not want it eliminated. However, we must agree that we would all enjoy it better if we can identify and avoid all the myths and fakery it brings.

Importance of Social Media

Before we delve into the myths on social media, it would be best for us to understand this tool’s importance. Some of its benefits include:

·         Social media facilitates broad levels of communication.

·         Social media is efficient and cost-effective when it comes to business and marketing.

·         Social media allows for the creation and fostering of relationships.

·         Social media facilitates the sharing of content and information.

·         Social media also creates a platform for students and teachers to benefit education-wise.

·         Social media is used to create awareness by people, companies, institutions, and the government.

·         Social media is a platform for entertainment.

Social Media Myths

We know social media as a beautiful, powerful tool since it lacks rules around deception and lies. However, come to think of it, this has become its most potent weakness that affects most of us. The myths and fake lives that we see arise since this tool lacks rules against such deception.

Some of the social myths most of you have encountered and maybe fallen prey to include:

You should be on all social media platforms

There is no need for you to create a profile on all social media platforms. Choose what you prefer and enjoy its benefits as you live your life. Try only what you and are comfortable with and benefits you.

You must respond and be aware of every social media activity

It is not true that you should spend every second of your life on social media. Make your plans away from social media. Do not succumb to the pressure of catching up on everything on social media. 

Avoid anxiety and depression feelings by regulating the time spent on social media. You should not feel obligated to keep up with what your friends and family are doing on social media. Enjoy connectivity and communication but balance out your life.

You have to try out all that you see on social media

Keep in mind that some of the things you see on social media are myths and fake. Do not live in the phony world and move away from reality just to please others.

Try and root yourself to what you want to achieve to avoid falling prey by planning your life. Enjoy the pool of information provided by social media but stay focused on what you want. Make your plans to prevent falling prey to social media deception.

You must uphold all that comes from social media celebrities and icons

It is not a problem if you have a role model or someone you look up to on social media. However, do not be fooled by all that they post or write on social media. Keep in mind that most of them only post the good side of their lives.

Therefore, do not fall prey to their happy and fancy living. Enjoy the fun and entertainment but don’t try to duplicate the celebrities’ lives. Anyway, most of it is just fake and for publicity stunts.

You are successful if you have many followers

Although a large fan base and followers look great on social media, you should not feel pressured or belittled if you have a few followers. Try engaging and communicating with the people you have on your social account.

Avoid driving yourself crazy to get more followers and competing with others. Slowly grow yourself and rate yourself according to the progress you are making.

How to Avoid the Influence

Just because social media poses the danger of sucking you into a fake world does not mean you should not enjoy its benefits.

Ways to avoid the influence:

·         Try to associate yourself with articles and posts that you relate with and align with your plans

·         Be honest in your writings and posts

·         Stick to facts when sharing information with others

·         Initiate respectful and constructive disagreements on issues to help provoke your and other people’s thinking

·         Try to verify any information on social media before consuming it.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to social media, we meet posts or articles like “10 places you must see before you die” or “10 things you should own before you die.” However, it would be best if you did not always fall for this. First, you should set your plans and learn to live.

Social media is a powerful tool and is highly beneficial. However, its lack of rules towards deception has contributed to most of us falling prey to its myths, and fakery.

We should keep this in mind and try to live our lives, benefit from social media, and avoid any deceptions.

Most importantly, you want to live your life and not how anyone else decides with their writings or posts. You can learn from their experience, but you should know how to balance reality and the fake world.

Reading the articles and learning from social media is good, but getting blindly influenced is wrong and can be avoided.

Enjoy social media, but live a real life!

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