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Incorporating new and eye-catching colors into your wardrobe might sound effortless, but trust me, choosing the hues that flatter your complexion is a full-time task. We all know that there exist no hard and fast rules in the fashion industry – you can wear anything you carry out comfortably. It is not rocket science to choose a specific outfit color either for a wedding, any formal event, or a casual event. However, wearing an inappropriate color can dismay your appearance. On the other hand, the right color impeccably accentuates your features.

Here is a brief guide to follow for the best clothing colors suitable for fair, medium, and dark skin colors:

Fair/ Light/ Pale Skin tone:

If your complexion is pretty fair with a slight pink or peach undertone, then you are more likely to get tanned in the sun. You may also have freckles, blonde, red, or dark hair, and light eye color. So, you should wear colors that contrast your skin tone. It will help provide you a vibrant, jazzy, and funky look hence giving off lively vibes.

Colors to wear: You should wear darker colors like grey, brown, emerald green, purple, burgundy, ruby, navy blue, or sapphire. You can also go for peach tones and khaki colors.

Avoid wearing: White, pastels, light beige, yellow, etc.

Celebrities’ examples: Taylor Swift, Jessica Chastain, Keanu Reeves, Emma Stone.

color tone

Medium/ Olive/ Tan Skin tone:

If you have a medium to the brown complexion, you will have neutral hair and eye color. These skin colors mostly fall under the category of warmer skin tones. People with this skin tone have a wide range of colors to wear. We recommend you go for neutral colors since they will enhance your face features pretty well.

Colors to wear: You should wear jade green, off-white, blue, peach, pink, magenta, red, orange, amber, yellow, and rich browns.

Avoid wearing: Pastels, faded colors, white, neon colors, olive, etc.

Celebrities’ examples: Jessica Alba, Harry Styles, Adrian Grenier, Jennifer Lopez.

Dark/ Deep/ Rich Skin tone:

If you have a dark complexion, it is more likely for you to have black or dark brown hair. Also, you must have eye color ranging from rich brown to black. Dark skin people are blessed since they can go for all the spectrum of hues and shades for their outfits. There is no risk for them to look washed out by wearing pale or light colors. Most of the colors flawlessly enhance their features.

Colors to wear: You should wear pink, peach, yellow, white, cobalt blue, jade green, purple, etc.

Avoid wearing: Brown, earthy tones, black.

Celebrities’ examples: Beyoncé, Viola Davis, Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington.

Always check your skin tone by looking at your veins (green veins represent warm tone and blue veins represent cool tone) or doing a white paper test. Wisely choose your outfit color that accentuates your skin tone and facial features. Go to different stores and try on new exciting colors!

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