Can Men and Women Be Friends?

by Esther Chacha
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t’s not just filmed either. In real life, the difficulties of managing your heterosexual relationships may lead you to think that men and women cannot be friends.

According to research, when men and women are friends, their relationships confront distinct difficulties that same-sex friends do not, such as possible sexual desire and the risk of interfering with outside love relationships. That being said, it seems that a woman and a guy maybe friends with appropriate communication and limits

The research

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According to Dana Dorfman, Ph.D., psychologist and co-host of the podcast 2 Moms on the Couch, men and women attracted to the other sex can be friends — but they will at least contemplate taking the relationship to the next level. “I believe it’s unavoidable that at least one person will think about it,” says Dorfman.

She adds,

“An emotional attraction to the other person is part of friendship. Whether that necessarily leads to a sexual connection is another issue, but I believe it would be impossible not to consider.”

Her idea is that even if you’re not attracted to your pals, you’ll eventually say to yourself, “Oh, I couldn’t be with them because they don’t wash the dishes.” But the issue of being with them remains. It’s something you’ve considered, and you’re open to the idea.

Dorfman points out that things are a bit different for individuals in the LGBTQ+ community, but if you’re friends with someone of the sex you’re attracted to (or sometimes even the sex you’re not), you’ll at least fantasize about hooking up with them.

Looking at history

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Many modernists would tell you in an instant, “Of course, men and women can be friends.” Is it even a subject of debate in the twenty-first century? Are we really talking about this in an era where men and women walk shoulder to shoulder, work together, and play sports together?”

Although men and women may undoubtedly be friends, cross-sex friendship is still complicated if one wants to study this subject thoroughly and honestly. In this context, there are many levels to examine when addressing the question can men and women be friends?

Looking at deep, linked friendships between men and women, not the more informal and situational relationships between individuals of both sexes in groups of pals, workmates, or coworkers.

As much as intimate cross-sex friendship is complicated, we live in a culture where acknowledging the difficulty of this circumstance may rapidly lead to you being regarded as archaic, conventional, too stuck up, or living in the previous century. In the contemporary twenty-first century, cross-sex friendships are theoretically feasible and exist.

So, how can men and women be friends?

As I previously said, I think it is feasible for men and women to be friends if both sides exercise self-awareness. Here are some pointers to get you started.

It is OK to have a stunningly attractive male or female buddy in addition to your marriage or committed partnership. What is essential is that you be very clear about why you are friends with them. If the motive is entirely platonic, that’s fantastic.

If not, be honest with yourself about your feelings for this individual. While this does not exclude you from having a relationship with them, it will help you recognize your attraction and know your boundaries under challenging circumstances.

If you are sure that you do not want things to go beyond platonic friendship, whether you are a man or a woman, it is better not to keep the other party’s dreams alive. Don’t be impolite, but don’t indulge in flirty actions that maintain the attraction and spark.

Finally, when practiced with self-awareness and appropriate limits, male and female cross-sex friendships are feasible. They are, in fact, not only feasible but also healthful and much-needed. Without them, we would be living in a primitive society where half of the population does not communicate with the other half.

We must not ignore the inherent attraction impulses that exist between a heterosexual man and a female. We have the opportunity to form genuine and enduring platonic, cross-sex friendships if we recognize this truth and incorporate it into our connections.

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