Charles Sogli, The Tallest Guy From Ghana Dropped Out Of School Because Of His Shoe Size

Charles Sogli, who lives in Ghana, is the tallest man at 7.10ft, according to Ghana News Agency.  Sogli, 22, requires specialized footwear since he has trouble finding the proper fit, given his feet are 16 inches long.

Sogli told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) about a year ago that he began his apprenticeship as a welder and metal fabricator.  And being unable to wear appropriate footwear and work gear on the job has increased his annoyance.  

Sogli told the paper that he disenrolled from school because he couldn’t find the proper shoe size.  “I dropped out of school…because I couldn’t find any sandals or shoes for my big feet,” said Sogli the third-born of five children. “I’d be grateful if folks could assist me with sandals and shoes that are custom-made for me. I also need clothing and transportation. I’m also appealing with cars to pick me up whenever they come to a stop,” Sogli added.The Tallest Guy From Ghana

Not only is Sogli at a disadvantage clothing-wise, he also requires a customized car, as entering commercial vehicles is burdensome due to his height. 

“Whenever I stop, drivers refuse to pick me up because they claim I am too tall and cannot fit into their vehicles. So, unless someone is really moved to give me a ride, I always walk to work and back home,” Sogli said.

Michael DeSouza oversees Sogli’s on-the-job training and said despite Sogli’s situation, he is helpful and hardworking.   “He is a nice, calm, and serene individual. All he needs is proper footwear and work gear for his size, as well as perhaps a unique mode of transportation.”  And boarding public transportation isn’t an option either.The Tallest Guy From Ghana

In addition to shoes, the job requires goggles, helmets, and gloves, which are indispensable safety equipment for welders and metal fabricators.  Sogli’s height draws attention from pedestrians, who are surprised when he goes through the city. He was nicknamed “Charles Taller.” According to Sogli, he is the only one in his family to be his height.

Roseline Etsah Adzimah a Facebook fan wrote, “He is from the Volta Region of Ghana, Ho. Simply mention his name or display his photo to anybody you encounter when you get in Ho, and they will direct you to him. Because of his height, almost everyone knows who he is, and he is extremely respectful.”

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