Coach Killed Student And Brother Over Allegations

by spicyray

In a shocking and distressing story, 20-year-old Nisha Dahiya and her 18-year-old brother Suraj Dahiya were killed at Sushil Kumar Academy in Halalpur, the village of Haryana’s Sonepat this week. The prime suspect is her coach, 25-year-old Pawan Barak, his 23-year-old wife Sachin Dahiya, along with two others.

According to Haryana Police’s documents, Sujata called Nisha’s mother to let her know that Nisha wasn’t feeling well and needed to be picked up. Nisha informed her mother, Dhanpat, that Pawan had been sexually touching her for a while.  According to a statement from Dhanpati, once she and her son arrived, they confronted Pawn about Nisha’s allegations, and that’s when the horrific killings unfolded. 

“Suddenly, Pawan pulled out a gun and fired multiple bullets at my daughter. She collapsed after sustaining gunshot wounds near the gate,” said Dhaanpati in her statement.  She was also shot and is undergoing treatment at PGIMS in Rohtak,  

Suraj Dahiya photo file online

“My son and I ran in different directions. The accused got hold of me…and shot me. They chased my son, who was running towards the village. I saw them firing several bullets, which hit him, and he died on the spot.”

The victims’ father, Dayanand Dahiya, an inspector in the Central Reserve Police Force in Kashmir, told local news. “I was not aware of this. I found out yesterday that she had told my wife that Pawan had been harassing and molesting her. My wife had tried talking to him, but he did not mend his ways.”   

According to Sonepat’s police, Pawn’s wife and two others were captured yesterday; it is unclear if Pawn was also arrested. On Thursday, a community of well-wishers brought condolence items to the victims’ homes.

“My daughter would have made it to the Olympics. She was talented and ambitious. She had been training since 2016 and had won several local and inter-college tournaments,” said Dayanand. “In 2019, she came second at the inter-university championship in 52 kg category held in Aurangabad. If she had listened to me and enrolled in a different coaching facility.” The grieving father called his son a bright student who scored 81% in class XII and was expected to take computers classes in Delhi. “What was his fault? All our dreams have also died.”

Reports show that leaders from over 30 villages took their anger to the capital and demanded the killers pay a hefty price.  It is also reported that community members would take over roads in protest if the penalty the killers receive is less than they deserved. 

Many locals set the academy on fire.  Pawn opened the gym five years ago and trained about 30 trainees.  Nisha started wrestling while attending the academy and had won a silver medal in the All-India University Inter-Wrestling Tournament in 2018.

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