College Was Education in Combination With Sex: Advisory Explicit Content

by spicyray


verything must be so hard in a very conservative mind. They have to follow the various rules only to be accepted in their little group, to be hailed a saint by some, and for everyone else to bitch about behind their backs. I grew sick of it and started doing what I want to do, live my life. Live my freedom.

I was nineteen when I found out I really do love sex. Already losing my virginity a few years back didn’t trigger it as my first time wasn’t really the best; it was riddled by amateurism and experience. My then-boyfriend and I were shy, to begin with, I was dry, and he was too nervous about getting it hard.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still fond of that memory, and I loved that it was my first experience. But pleasure-wise? It was a dud.

We tried a few more times, and the experience it got better; he got hard, I got wet, we tried a few different things, but it was just not for me I thought I wouldn’t like sex forever. Oh, how wrong I was.

My first ever great sexual experience was in my first year of College; Yeah, the cliché is overwhelming. It was the second term. I was stuck in the library trying to finish an assessment where the due date was creeping in; our libraries are open 24/7 letting the live-in students like me have a place to study.

Someone approached me when I was deep in my laptop screen. His smile, his tone enchanted me out of my focus. Yeah, it was like that. We talked all night on the corner table of the glass library room up until 2 am. When I decided to go home, he asked me if he could walk me there; I declined and said it’s ok. And as I left the room, he was just there not following me; he passed the test. I came back and told him I would like him to walk me home.

Oh, the smile on his face

photo by
Alena Shekhovtcova

We talked more and grabbed food on the way to my building; when we reached our destination, he just smiled and told me to have a good night. Now about this time is when I was transitioning from my conservative self to my liberated mentality. I called out to him and told him to kiss me.

And he did. We made out in front of my dim university-sanctioned living space. His hands felt my body as I did to him. We moved to a darker spot on the side, where we dropped our items to the ground and started pleasuring each other.

The experience was thrilling

It was exciting. I felt more aroused than I have ever been, and damn, was he hard, he barely fit my mouth. He pulled out a condom from his bag, and we had sex then and there. He helped me not make a sound by putting his hand on my mouth; we were in sync. I remember orgasming so hard I almost screamed and woke everyone up. It was intense and by far the most pleasurable sex I have ever had.

This opened me to the pleasure and the realization of my love for it. We continued seeing each other for a while more, and I loved every moment we had, he respected me, and we had fun. A few more college experiences solidified my lifestyle now, but this was the beginning.

The story was written by Ghostwriter

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