Pop culture reflects what is happening in society, and it’s not just the reflection that matters but its significance.  For example, social media is one of the best resources to capture how women’s rights are appreciated every day.

TikTok is a pop culture movement that has been fantastic in promoting women’s rights. TikTok has given girls worldwide an opportunity to showcase their power and confidence in short videos that run the gambit of dancing, doing transitions, or lip-syncing to the song “Venom” by Little Simz.

This is undoubtedly a great way to promote women’s rights and shows how much social media actually has power and influence.

However, social media hasn’t been the first vehicle that women used to get their message across.   Women’s rights, power, and influence have been discussed for centuries by many writers, philosophers, and scientists. The 20th century was a fast, unpredictable, yet meaningful period for women and their rights.   

The second and third wave of feminism movement happened in the early 60s and later in the 90s when women back then were having troubles being heard and respected.  However, if it weren’t for feminist and their persistence, women today would not live the lives they do. 

“…I tend to hear all about the evil of feminism and the bad feminists how “they” hate men; how “they” want to go against nature — and god; how “they” are all lesbians; how “they” are taking all the jobs and making the world hard for white men, who do not stand a chance,” wrote Bell Hooks critically acclaimed author of several books, including Feminist Theory.

“ When I ask these same folks about the feminist books or magazines they read, when I ask them about the feminist talks they have heard, about the feminist activists they know, they respond by letting me know that everything they know about feminism has come into their lives thirdhand that they really have not come close enough to feminist movement to know what really happens,” she writes.

“..[most].. think feminism is a bunch of angry women who want to be like men. They do not even think about feminism as being about rights — about women gaining equal rights. When I talk about the feminism I know up close and personal they willingly listen, although when our conversations end, they are quick to tell me I am different, not like the “real” feminists who hate men, who are angry.  I assure them I am as a real and as radical a feminist as one can be, and if they dare to come closer to feminism, they will see it is not how they have imagined it.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performed at last year’s Super Bowl. Their goal for that evening’s performance was to show off the power of Latin women and act as a representation for women’s liberty worldwide. At the event, both wore revealing costumes that amplified the message that their bodies were their own and not that of a man.

The media attacked these ladies saying that they were too provocative and vulgar. However, in my opinion, both J. Lo and Shakira have certainly fulfilled their goals and made females the world over proud to be a woman.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by LARRY W SMITH/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (10546440je) US singer Jennifer Lopez (R) and Colombian singer Shakira (L) perform during halftime of the National Football League’s Super Bowl LIV at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, USA, 02 February 2020. Super Bowl LIV, Miami Gardens, USA – 02 Feb 2020

Some female scientists might say that feminism isn’t what it used to be. That might be true, but feminists have fought to wake up women and fulfill their goals.  

Now it’s only natural that since we are different, we women will have our own interpretations and understandings of what feminism represents.   As the icon of today’s Feminism, Roxane Gay, once said “Social networks…provide us with something of a flawed but necessary conscience, a constant reminder that commitment, compassion, and advocacy neither can nor ever should be finite.”

Our role models will come from pop culture, and the next generation’s role models with be influenced by their future pop culture. It’s essential to make a change in the world and have fun while we women do it!

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