Two days ago, a cop in the State of Kansas was brutally shot while providing a welfare check. He is currently admitted to the hospital in critical condition. According to the sources, the incident took place on Saturday at 10.15 p.m. nearly. The police officer was shot in Wichita, Kansas. Two officers were reportedly conducting a welfare check on a woman inside her home when the incident occurred. Another Police Captain Wendell Nicholson also gave a brief statement regarding the incident; however, the whole story is still unknown.

According to the Police Captain:

“Two police officers from Wichita arrived on the scene and started to take fire from a suspicious individual who was present in residence. One officer was shot multiple times out of the two, who was then admitted to the nearby hospital. The officer is currently being taken care of but is still in critical condition.”

By the time other police officers arrived, they continuously took fire from the suspect in residence. They stopped after being able to neutralize the threat by firing the suspect. The good news is that no other officer was injured or shot during the incident.

Brief Media Statement Given by the Wichita Police Department:

The Police Captain Wendell Nicholson of the Wichita Police Department gave a brief statement to the press after the incident. According to his statement, the police officer was shot multiple times before being admitted to the area hospital, where he still remains in critical condition.

The suspect, who was still unidentified, was treated for the injuries, but he eventually died because of the deep wounds and injuries during the gunfight with the police. The police captain Wendell Nicholson also said that there are multiple witnesses of the event watching everything. These witnesses will be interviewed for a more detailed and thorough investigation.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are notified about the incident and collaborate to dig deep and find every detail of the officer shooting incident.

The situation that happened two days back is still being investigated and will lead to a successful outcome. Anyone who has information regarding the incident can contact the Wichita Police Department. For more information, stay connected.

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