Danny Garcia defeated Jose Benavidez Jr. with ease in his middleweight debut

by spicyray
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ell, last night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, on Showtime Boxing, Jose Benavidez Jr. told media that fans could expect a war during his one-sided beating against Danny Garcia.  But instead, spectators were treated to bravo from Benavidez, in the absence of him putting on an impressive show over the course of the 12-round fight.  

Although the Judges’ cards read: 117-111, 116-112, 114-114, the fight was never close, as Garcia, 34, put on a boxing clinic, while Benavidez did a lot of trash talking, hitting his gloves together, and making faces by sticking out his tongue.

For his part, Garcia remained cool, although he had moments where he tried to get into Benavidez’s head by trash-talking himself and playing to the fans — throwing his arm high attempting to do the wind-up to bait Benavidez into something.  

Photograph: Adam Hunger/Getty Images

For the whole fight, Garcia used effective movement and solid cross to snap Benavidez’s head back.  Both boxers were making their 154-pound debut, and although the fight was a thrashing, neither man showed the punching power capabilities, which could prove problematic down the road, given how loaded the division is with top talent. 

Garcia, (36-3, 21 KOs) came into the fight after close to a two-year layoff although he appeared in supreme condition. After the fight, Garcia broke down in tears during the post-fight interview, talking about how mental health challenges got him better.  “I did take a break going through mental things, things went dark, I went through anxiety, deep depression, just trying to be strong,” Garcia said, fighting tears. “It was the pressure of life, being a good dad, just letting it out right now because it was all stuck inside. It rained on me for a year and a half and the only way to do better was to fight again. I’m a fighter. If you battle anxiety and depression, you can get out of it, that’s what I did today. I fought.”

As for Benavidez (27-2-1, 18 KOs), he gave the customary response that he did enough to take the victory. “I took his punches like nothing,” Benavidez told Showtime. “As you could see, they weren’t hurting me. I honestly felt like I thought I won, but it is what is.”

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