Although David Morrell Jr. had only four fights going into his match against Cazares, Morrell Jr., 23, was an outstanding amateur with 130 wins against two defeats.  And last night at the Armory in Minneapolis, Mn    Cazares discovered why Morrell is making a name for himself in boxing.   Early into round one, it was clear that Morrell Jr. was the more confident fighter.  He pressed the action and backed Cazares up.  

At one point, Cazares hit Morrell Jr. with a low blow and Morrell Jr. responded by throwing a rabbit punch behind Cazares’ head during a clinch.  Morrell Jr. proved too much as he blasted Cazares, who suffered his first defeat (12-1- 5 Kos), in a stunning performance. Morrell Jr. hit Cazares and hurt him with a hard left and he followed up another left hand that put Cazares down for good.  The fight was called off at 2:32 in the first round.  Morrell Jr. connected with 25 percent of his shots, while Cazares connected with 23 percent. Morrell Jr. improved to 5-0 4 Kos).

Sean Michael Ham/TGB Promotions

Brandon Galanton upsets Efetobor Apochi in a 10-round thrilling cruiserweight fight

Brandon Galanton shown on the right upsets Efetobor Apochi

Sitting at ringside, it was amazing how both boxers didn’t knock each other out simultaneously.  They were throwing thunderous shots and trading back and forth, with at times Apochi was the aggressor and getting the best of Galanton.  But  Galanton, who fights out of Atlanta, GA, wasn’t having it and pushed the action back to Apochi, who fights of out Orogun, Nigeria.  

Brandon Galanton lands a punch on Apochi

A major flaw that helped Galanton seal the victory was that every time Apochi would land a hard shot or a jab, he would keep his head high in the air to pull back from Galanton’s big shots.   And in round 6, Apochi paid for this defensive move as Galanton landed a marvelous right-hand seconds before the round ended that rocked Apochi with the ropes only holding Apochi up.  But in the final round, Apochi hurt Galanton ( 14-0-11 KOs) with a hard right, but the bell ended shortly after that.

Apochi throws a jab at Galanton

Judges’ cards read 96-93 for Apochi and 95-94 and 95-94 for Galanton.  Galanton landed 187 of 653 punches while Apochi landed 183 of 721 punches, with Glanton out punching Apochi 182 – 144 in power punches and connecting with 33 percent of his punches to 30 percent for Apochi. 

Omar Juarez suffers his first defeat to All Rivera in a scheduled 10-round Super Lightweight action fight

Omar Juarez shown on the left and Rivera shown on the right

In an all-action fight from the opening bell, both boxers let their bombs fly, with each man taking turns landing big shots, although it was clear that Rivera was the stronger of the two.    Juarez boxed well for most of the fight and moved around the ring, throwing stiff jabs picking his shots.  Juarez landed 14 of 35 punches compared to Rivera, who connected with 6 of 36.

Juarez shown on the left

But as the fight went on, Rivera, who improved to (22-5- 18 Kos), was too mighty and started going to Juarez’s body effectively.  Halfway through the fight, Rivera’s caused Juarez’s eye to swell. 

In round 9, Rivera landed a hard body shot that sent Juarez to one knee. Followed by 95-94 and 95-93 for Rivera. Although Juarez was able to continue,  at the end of the fight, judges’ scores read 95-95.

Nathaniel Gallimore upset Leon Lawson III in their scheduled 10-round Super Welterweight fight

Nathaniel Gallimore shown on the right upset Leon Lawson III shown on the left
Lawson throws a punch at Gallimore

Lawson came into the fight with a perfect record of 14-0- ( 7 KOs). Still, Gallimore ( 22-5-1, 17 Kos) got the job done outworking Lawson.  Lawson moved around the ring but never engaged for an extended period of time.  Gallimore, from Kingston, Jamaica, pressed the action and landed well on Lawson’s body and head.  Lawson, from Flint, Michigan, had some decent rounds but never found his grove. By the time the fight ended, judges’ scorecards read 95-95, 97-93, and 96-94 for Gallimore. 

Gallimore shown on the right

Atif Oberlton stopped Jasper Mccargo in their scheduled 8-round Light Heavyweight fight

Atif Oberlton shown on the left stopped Jasper Mccargo shown on the rightf

Mccargo did well early by pressing the action and moved forward and landed solid shots—although Oberlton was never hurt.  By the second round, it was clear that Mccargo’s was too much as he outworked Mccargo going to his head and body. In fact, Mccargo’s confidence was riding high that he began showboating to the fans’ dislike.  But in the end, Oberlton got the job done by stopping Mccargo at 44 seconds in round four improving to (3-0 3 KOs) while Maccargo dropped to (4-2-2 (2 Kos)

Oberlton on the left
The fight was waved off

Travon Marshall defeated Ruben Torres by a one-sided decision in their scheduled 4-round Super-Welterweight fight

Travon Marshall shown on the left vs. Ruben Torres shown on the right

Simply put, Marshall got the job done by working behind his jab and going to Torres’ body at will.  From the opening bell, it was clear that Torres was going to be outclassed.  And at the conclusion of the fight, all three judges’ scorecards read 40-35 for Marshall.  Marshall improved to (2-0- 1 Ko) while Torres dropped to (4-2- 1 KOs)

Alantez Fox outclassed Manny Woods by TKO in their scheduled 8-round Middleweight fight  

Alantez Fox shown on the left and Manny Woods shown on the right

Woods ( 17-12-1 6 KOs) had no chance as Fox ( 28-2-1 12 KOs) got the job done with right hands to Woods’ body and connecting with solid headshots until Woods gave in and the fight was called off at 1:11 in round 7.  

Alantez Fox on the left

Ve Shawn Owens made easy work of Joseph Francisco in their 8-round Super Lightweight fight

Ve Shawn Owens shown on the left vs. Joseph Francisco

Owens was making his 140-pound debut.  Although Francisco had his moments and connected on Owens’ head and to the body, Francisco’s shots didn’t seem to impact Owens, (12-2-10 KOs) and this gave Owens the greenlight to bulldozed Francisco ( 8-3- 3 KOs)  by putting the pressure on with good body and headshots until Francisco had enough.  The fight was stopped at 2:38 in round four.

Owens on the left

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