Defending Herself against Rape, Noura Hussein Killed Her Husband and Was Sentenced to Death!

by Christiana Joseph

Following her conviction for the premeditated murder of her husband, Abdulrahman Mohamed Hammad, Hussein was charged in court and sentenced to death by hanging by an Islamic court.

How it happened

When her cousin, who was twice her age, proposed to Noura Hussein, she was only 16 years old. The young Sudanese girl did not want to marry and wanted to continue her education, but her father feared that she would suffer the same fate as many of the girls in their area who had gotten pregnant and given birth outside of marriage—which is illegal.

According to a 2017 report by the UN’s children’s fund Unicef, one-third of Sudanese girls marry before 18.

After her imposed engagement ceremony, she had to flee and sought refuge with her aunt, where she stayed for three years before being persuaded to return home. Her family informed her that the marriage would be annulled. She soon realized, however, that her family had duped her and was forced into the marriage.

Hussein moved in with her husband, but she turned down his sexual advances. Hussein claimed her husband enlisted the help of some of his own cousins to restrain her while he raped her. He tried the next day again, but Hussein defended herself and killed her husband with a knife in the struggle Defending Herself against Rape.

After her husband died, Hussein ran to her family, telling them what had happened and asking for help. Fearing retaliation, her father took the entire family to the police station in an attempt to protect them; instead, she was arrested.

On the other hand, Hussein hated herself so much after her husband raped her, according to her mother. She carried a knife with her and was prepared to kill herself if he touched her again Defending Herself against Rape.

Defending Herself against Rape

Naomi Campbell and Emma Watson tweeted their support for Hussein after she was sentenced to jail. These celebrities banded together to support the online campaign #JusticeforNoura to demand Hussein’s release. An appeals court overturned Hussein’s death sentence in June 2018, and she was instead sentenced to five years in prison for her husband’s murder.

Amnesty International said in a statement that while the decision was “hugely welcome news,” the five-year prison sentence was “disproportionate.” It urged the country to change its laws on marriage and marital rape “so that victims are not penalized Defending Herself against Rape.”

Issues That Have Been Ignored

There are at least 500 women currently serving death sentences worldwide, but accurate data on the use of these death penalties are difficult to obtain.

The stories and crimes for which women have been sentenced are not taken into account during their sentencing, and they are not heard during their trials.Although very few of these women are actually executed, the conditions in which they are housed in the various cells are not suitable for women who will spend the rest of their lives on death row.

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