Despite winning a World Title, Jamal James Refuses to Forget Those in Need

by spicyray


Leading up to his fight against Thomas Dulorme, Jamal James was confined to strict conditions during training camp.  

He was unable to grieve the death of his grandmother, who passed away while he was in camp, and he missed celebrating his birthday because a boxer is well advised to never break training for an upcoming fight. To add to his stress, before he and Dulorme faced each other, they had to test regularly for COVID-19, hoping neither was positive.

James thoroughly outclassed Dulorme to win the interim WBA title. And days after the fight, no one would have faulted him if he strolled around town showing off his belt.  And doing interviews boasting about how he is making a significant name for himself in and outside of boxing.  James was within his rights to take a hiatus and enjoy life as he saw fit.

James helped during the pandemic  

 But James (27-1, 12 KOs) refused to take the selfish route; instead, he opted to take off the gloves and provided a caring hand during a three-day food drive that took place out of the Circle of Discipline gym.

James, a native of Minnesota, mastered the art of finesse in the ring. Still, as a mentor and a community leader, he uses passion, enthusiasm, and endurance when giving back to the community, something that started 27 years ago when he was at the age of five.

“I vowed to myself to use the success that I get from boxing and to use that platform in order to make a positive change not only within myself and family,” James said.  ‘But within my community, you need that now, especially in these times. What I want to do is use my platform to be able to bring awareness to some of the movements that I feel deeply about,” James said.  “I would like to be known as not just somebody who could fight and won the title, but also somebody who stood on his beliefs, and took the time to make a positive change.”

COD boxing club 

James trains out of Circle of Discipline, and he founded an organization called Pursuit of Discipline; the program stresses the significance of self-acceptance, self-awareness, and how to appreciate life struggles to find creative ways to build resiliency.  

In January 2019, Minnesota had around 7,977 people who experienced homelessness on any given day; it is estimated that nationwide, 805 million people are deprived of sufficient food to meet the recommended daily calorie intake.

Although James is unable to reach those impacted on a national level, his advocacy and outspokenness are being acknowledged.  During the James- Dulorme telecast, former heavyweight world champion Lennox Lewis said he was interested in connecting with James to target the issues underprivileged kids and youth are experiencing.


“We were always taught that you lead by example. So if these young men and women that I work with at the Circle, if they see me doing this, and as they get older and as they get to a certain position in their life, hopefully, what I did will inspire them to do the same if not more,” James said.


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