Pakistan is a vast land with an array of people from different cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Yet, as it persists with a Muslim majority, Pakistan has certain traditions that many of its residents might even struggle with. Whether you are a local Pakistani or an emigrant living abroad, this might be a read that connects to your heart. Keep reading! Traditions and the Ongoing Struggle of Pakistanis 

The tales of dowry 

A stressed mind, a wrecked heart, and a crippling budget; are some of the common circumstances that most parents with a daughter go through in Pakistan. The fabric of Pakistani society is heavily embedded in the concept of a wedding. Especially, for women Traditions and the Ongoing Struggle of Pakistanis.  

Mothers start to put aside all their accumulated wealth over the years, for their daughter’s dowry. The dowry may include material objects such as clothes, blankets, crockery, electrical items, jewelry, etc. Ironically, the purpose of having a solid dowry for their daughters is to keep the daughter’s prestige as her in-laws might not value her otherwise. There is an ongoing fear that daughters might never find a suitable partner or in-laws if their parents do not offer a heavy dowry Traditions and the Ongoing Struggle of Pakistanis.  

Pakistani citizens, especially, the female side of the family has to continuously struggle to fulfill the unfair standards created by a culture skewed towards males and their families.  

However, due to increased education and awareness, the dowry system is being questioned, and many people realize the situation of the female side of the family and would not get anything from them. 

Lack of education for females 

Despite years of struggle, Pakistanis today still struggle with the unfair tradition of a lack of educative facilities for females. One could blame the government, but the truth is, what shall be done if parents themselves discriminate between their sons and daughters?  

In spite of awareness programs and a strive to cater to this issue, this is still largely prevalent in the Pakistani milieux. It not only strips off females/daughters from the right to education but creates cyclical effects that are witnessed through generations.  

Traditional and stereotyped people of a backward culture are the biggest barriers to education, while the urban area is significantly getting better, where ladies work side by side with men without any fear Traditions and the Ongoing Struggle of Pakistanis. 

The Obsession with food as a tradition  

The simple truth is food is worthy of obsession. But obsessing over food as a tradition has gone wrong in the Pakistani diaspora. Essentially, Pakistani citizens are obsessed with food at weddings and at dinners. But here is another side of the story, the Pakistani tradition glorifies elaborate food arrangements only.  

So, every time one visit someone’s place and have not been served with a vast variety of food, chances are, the hosts’ hospitality would never be approved. Likewise, food at Pakistani weddings must be elaborate, distinct, and should exhibit your social status. Otherwise, people might never forget how the food at someone’s son’s wedding was not up to the standards.  

Traditions and the Ongoing Struggle of Pakistanis

Food and traditions must help people bond over instead of creating a stressful aura, right? A discourse and a continuous effort might help the people of Pakistan reflect and improve these traditions.  

Fortunately, measures to avoid such pointless rituals have been becoming particularly successful. People are becoming more conscious of orthodox traditions and are no longer following these unnecessary rituals. Most of it is attributable to high awareness and education.       

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