Does sex count as exercise?

by spicyray


veryone wants that toned body and perfect core, but it can’t be done without exercise. And there are increasing numbers of people who believe sexual intercourse counts as exercise. Humans, as well as animals, enjoy sex as it gives pleasure. After sex, you feel hot, sweaty, with shortness of breath, and sometimes a bit tired, but does that all count?

You will find answers in this blog….

Is it right to compare sex with exercise?


Each person burns calories in different ways, depending on several factors, such as force, time, position, and likewise. A person burns 3-4 calories/minute during sex.  According to a study, 25 minutes of sex, including foreplay, burnt 101 calories in men and almost 69.1 calories in women. A bit of higher intensity sex burnt 279 calories in men and 213 in women.  Sadly, that does not count as a proper workout, but you can call it an exercise compared to taking a walk.

 Yes, it’s right to compare sex with exercise to some degree


Sex is a form of exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. It can be performed in various ways, including solo or partnered, and it can be fun, playful, and relaxing. Sex can help improve your mood, relieve stress, and increase oxytocin (the “love” hormone) in the brain.

Exercise is also great for your body! It can help you achieve goals like weight loss or muscle building, and boost your energy levels. Exercise has been shown to reduce risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, improved cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, reduced symptoms associated with depression and anxiety disorders, not to mention improved sleep quality…and much more!

When it comes to sex, the benefits slightly equal exercise. 

Here’s how…..

•        Sex provides relief from stress and strengthens your immune system, like exercise.

•        It helps strengthen your muscles, as being on top puts pressure on your legs and arms, and the force helps your partner have a little stomach workout.

•        It lowers your chance of having diseases related to the heart.

•        Aids in a night of better sleep

•        Acts as a natural pain killer

•        It improves libido and, last but not least, helps in bladder control among women.

•        Both activities are enjoyable, and I feel good when doing them.

•        Both activities can lead to positive changes if you regularly enough, including increased muscle strength and weight loss (with exercise) or more energy and better sleep (with sex).

•        Both activities help you feel relaxed after doing them—and both can lead to stress relief if you’re feeling anxious or depressed before starting them!

•        Both end up increasing your heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. In this sense, sex counts as an exercise, but exercise yields more calories than sex, so you cannot count sex as a workout.

Difference between sex and exercise:


Sex is a form of physical activity, but not all exercise is sex. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) defines exercise as “Any bodily movement that results in you using more energy than you are using at rest.” This can include walking, jogging, swimming and weightlifting—but it does not include sex.

Exercise is something you can control—you can decide when you’re going to exercise and how long it will take.   Sex, on the other hand, is usually more spontaneous (unless you’ve been planning it for weeks). And while exercising tends to involve repeated repetition of the same movement (like running), sex is usually more varied.  

Sex lasts about 20 minutes, but many people don’t have the stamina to make it that long.  Some studies show that men can only sustain an erection for about five minutes before reaching orgasm (if they even get there in the first place).  That leaves 15 minutes to burn, and calories metabolized during this short duration cannot be counted as an exercise.

 One reason sex isn’t classified as a workout is that it averages duration: of 3 to 13 minutes.  So is it possible to make sex count as exercise only if you can last longer in bed? If you’ve ever gone a few rounds with your partner in the bedroom, you know how much effort goes into a workout routine!


While you can count sex as an exercise, remember it’s not enough. So, if you are thinking of leaving your gym routine because you consider sex exercise, you are wrong.  Sex is a form of minor exercise, so the best advice is to go to the gym and have fun in bed with your partner because both will give you added benefits.

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