are still single
are still single

It’s challenging to not feel jealous of the average romantic couple when you are already in your 20s,30s,40s,50s, heck even 80s, and are still single; if that didn’t feel like you were hit in the gut, Driving While Single Is Great you now have to make pretend that you lost your eyesight by avoiding social media where everyone is obsessed with sharing photos of their sweeties on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram showing off what looks like internal bliss delegated for a few million lovers but not you.

But I am interested in the concept (and dumbfounded, to be honest) of why so many people are unhappy with being single.  I think we hate being single because we think we are wasting time if we do things alone. Driving While Single Is Great  So, instead of enjoying hobbies such as traveling by ourselves, having nice dinners alone, going to the movies, and chilling out with a box of popcorn, candy, and that nice cold ice drink, we worry about if we will ever find that so-called perfect love that our best friend has.

We also struggle with being single because of horrible past relationships that were dysfunctional for so long; that we have become clumsy and absent-minded about what it felt like to be alone and worthy .

I think this concept of over-romanticization plays a devastating role in why we struggle to be single; films, TV series, and books have influenced our ways of thinking so much that we become greedy, believing that being in a relationship must be grand gestures.  

Now, no one wants to feel like they are living in hell for the rest of their single lives, right?  Yet, unless we take specific steps during our singleness to make the gates of heaven open by doing our own internal work, we will continue to get into a ho-hum relationship.


The fact is unless you want to remain single on purpose, the odds of this happening forever is slim to none, and on the odd chance that is the case, you are still not single in the grand scheme of things; don’t believe me? Look around (yes, turn your head around); you will find love in good non-romantic relationships with friends, family, pets, church members, and so on Driving While Single Is Great.


Also, being single does not make you any less of a person since you are your own individual to start with.  

Lastly, set high standards for your future partner. If you are going to be on this journey of happiness and singleness, well, you might as well make sure your soon-to-be love haze is someone amazing, right?

In all honesty, being single isn’t like driving on a highway where the only exit is devastation; it’s about riding on your long journey, sometimes for years, where the tires will need fixing, where the gas will run low, and where the ride will without a doubt be bumpy, wet, rainy, cold, icy, hot, and so on Driving While Single Is Great.  

However, one thing is for sure:  if you can withstand the less than pleasant parts of driving while single, there will become a point when you take the wrong exit, and bam! by chance, that person awaits you with a crisp halo over their head with open arms.  But for now, continue to do the necessary work that it takes to make you desirable by first and foremost being single and exploring what you want from life in general. 

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