Edward James Was Proof Angels Are for Real


he New York Times ran a story several weeks ago about an individual named Edward James who struggled with alcoholism after his wife’s death.  In an excellent article written by Juliana Kim, Kim outlines how James, through many efforts, turned his life around after his involvement with a local church in Brooklyn, New York. 

His Encounter

According to Kim, James took a keen interest in the bible and some of its uplifting chapters.  James’  Christianity had a profound impact on his ability to maintain his sobriety and the bible also inspired the 62-year-old James to give back to others in positive ways. 

“He was the first to greet newcomers and the one to stay late with the seniors until their rides arrived. He was known for always being on time and giving great pep talks,” wrote Kim.

Friends and family spoke highly of James’ good-hearted nature; he pushed a family member in their wheelchair to and from church every Sunday after the relative was bedridden for the most part due to ill health.  When the former pastor of the church where James attended was unable to feed himself, shower, and dress daily, James accepted the duties of making sure that the pastor’s needs were being taken care of.  

James was once homeless, and the church hired him as their caretaker and gave him permission to live on the church’s property.

Sad News

According to Kim, James…” was shot and killed inside the church, and on Thursday, a homeless man he had tried to help was arrested and charged with his murder. Mr. James’s body was found in the sanctuary on the second floor, a few feet from the pulpit.”

What makes the story further perplexing is that the gunman who killed James was Moriyah L    Lewis. He, like James, was trying to recover from substance addiction.  It also appeared that James led a helping hand to Lewis by allowing him to use the restroom and shower when needed.

However, according to the article, the Bishop of the church grew tired of Lewis’ ungrateful behaviors, especially when he came to church drunk one time. 

On the day Lewis was killed according to Kim,  “[Lewis ] e came to the church and got into a heated argument when “Then shots rang out.  A single bullet hit Mr. James in the back, the police said. He climbed some stairs to a sanctuary on the second floor before he collapsed. A stained-glass window depicting the story of Jesus healing a blind man filters the sunlight near where his body was found shortly after 5 p.m.”

At the time of the article’s publication date of September 7, 2020, Lewis was arrested on first-degree murder charges. Still, no other information was provided at that time.

Regardless of the debate, if God exists or not, James found something in Christianity that gave him a purpose in life.  So, in that sense, he represented his God the best way he knew how.  And in the end, those who were able to experience James’ caring spirit firsthand were touched by a real-life angel.   

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