The reality that women and minorities are frequently targeted for violent crimes is undeniable. We often hear about women being cruelly assaulted and minorities being burned or injured because of their religious views.

Unfortunately, a similar tragedy occurred in Pakistan in April of 2021. A Christian woman of five children was abducted. Venus Bibi was held captive for 20 days, where she was assaulted, drugged, and raped repeatedly, the Pakistan Christian Post reported.

Warris Masih, her husband, stated his wife went out to get some things for the house, and on the way back, she was stopped by Muslim guys who told her she had to come with them and not make a “sound.” They grabbed Venus’ hand and took her to a nearby parking lot before she could even process what was going on.

Masih recognized the kidnapper as Muhamad Akbar, a wealthy and powerful Muslim man who had previously kidnapped a Christian woman but got away with it. Masih claimed that authorities compelled Akbar to release Bibi after many tries, eventually discovered on a roadside near her village of Sahoo Ki Malian but unable to walk.

According to Masih, the Police had previously taken no action against them since they were poor and Christians. The abductor had bribed the personnel. According to Asia News, the men were not arrested, and Masih was threatened to not drop the case. Three days later was attacked by the perpetrators.

Both Bibi and Masih work at brick kilns, and they believe the cops took a bribe from Akbar.

“I’m looking for justice for my wife. He went on to say, “I want all the kidnappers arrested and punished, so they don’t abduct any more Christian women.”

According to Christian persecution watchdog Open Doors, Pakistan is the world’s fifth-most hazardous country for believers. With the world’s second-largest Muslim population, Pakistan’s Christians are treated as second-class citizens who receive minimal protection from the government. As a result, Christian women and girls are frequently kidnapped, tortured, and murdered with no repercussions for the culprits.

Please also pray for Venus Bibi and the millions of others who have been victims of such crimes, that God will heal her and her family from their trauma and bring comfort and care.

Pakistan’s government stepped in and promised minorities that they would be provided with their fundamental Islamic rights. Pakistan’s constitution ensures that all citizens have complete freedom.

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