It’s not a new thing for people to make promises about sticking with each other forever. Lovers tell each other this, soon-to-wed couples make this vow to each other, and childhood friends do so too. In their minds, they probably feel things could remain the same. They would both be alive; the relationship would remain cozy, and everyone would remain truthful and faithful to each other.

In the same vein, some feel their present condition would remain the same. Maybe their life is all rosy. They are healthy, have abundant wealth, and think they would retain that fabulous job for the rest of their days, probably get a promotion in the workplace too or establish a good business and pass it all down to their children. In these two cases, they forget one crucial thing which everyone is supposed to bear in mind at all times: Nothing lasts forever.

According to Meg Remien, 31, San Francisco, CA, In 2014, I broke my spine in a skiing accident. Actually, I broke about 10 bones—six of them were in my back. I could not function on my own for several months and relied on my family and husband to do everything for me,” she said. “Being in that condition was humbling, but it was also very dull. Binge-watching all kinds of shows and movies eventually became monotonous. That’s when I started to design.”

Remien spoke about feeling a form of depression so intense that it made her question everything. “After my accident, I was in bed for most hours of the day. My pajamas and sleepwear became uncomfortable. I noticed I didn’t like the waistband on one of the fabric of another, and I began researching where I could find exactly what I was looking for,” she added.

“Then I realized it didn’t exist. I also started researching eco-friendly fashion. That’s how my clothing company, Raven & Crow, came to be. I never thought this would turn into a business, but every time I explained my concept to someone new, they said, ‘That sounds amazing. Let me know when you have some, and I’ll buy it.'” She further said, “So, with a simple design and bamboo fabric that I adored, I had my first pair cut and sewn. The rest is history.”

As harsh as it may sound, it is the truth. Your beauty, relationship or marriage, house, family, job, and even your life would one day come to an end. This planet, the moon, and the sun that powers it will someday come to an end. Everything is brief and must come to an end one day, no matter how long it takes. Thus, everything and everyone we see, hear, perceive, love, hate, touch must all come to an end. This is the ultimate and absolute rule of life.

Friends have been left devastated about their friends’ news, lovers have been left in shock after the demise of their spouse/partner, and parents have been left in pain over the death of their children. Many lost their jobs and ran into a state of depression; many commit suicide after business failures, while some have had a cardiac arrest after some unexpected news filtered into their ears. This could be avoided only if they had in mind that forever doesn’t exist in this life.

Procrastination is often brought about by the belief that the future has been sort out and things would remain the same. This is why you should live your life for the moment and live it to the fullest. If you have a plan (or project), execute it now. You want to help someone, do it today and don’t wait for tomorrow. Also, take good care of yourself and do what makes you happy. Stay as happy as you can for as long as you can.

It is also crucial that you make others happy as well. Treat everyone around you with care and respect. Pay attention to them when they speak to you and help as much as you can. You might be sowing a seed that may help you or your children out on a rainy day. Don’t wait for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s Day, or Thanksgiving Day to celebrate them. You should see their existence as a privilege because anything can happen at any time.

The fact that nothing lasts forever shouldn’t get you scared or tired of life. It should be a reminder and a booster to do the right thing at the right time to leave the world a better place than you met it.

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