Carla Faith Photo: AP

Carla Faith of COLORADO SPRING,. was convicted of 26 counts of misdemeanor child abuse after law enforcement found 26 children hiding behind a false wall in her home.   In November of 2019, police were called to Mountain Play Place after complaints that Faith provided daycare to an extraordinary number of children. 

When police arrived, court documents said Faith was not forthcoming after she informed them there were no children in the home.  However, according to court documents, an officer heard kids’ music playing in the background and the cries of a child coming from the basement. 

When a second officer entered, they noticed a stairwell leading to a basement with a false wall and 26 children under the age of two hiding behind it.

According to court records, many of the children were said to have had dirty diapers, sweat dripping from their bodies, and they appeared in need of liquids.   36-year-old Christina Swauger, an employee of Faith’s, was also convicted of 26 counts of child abuse.

Christina Swauger

The 58-year-old Faith and Swauger are scheduled for sentencing on Oct. 21. Faith could face three to 12 months in jail in addition to attempting to influence a public servant which is considered a felony and carries a prison term of up to 2 to 6 years. Faith’s and Swauger’s convictions come more than a year and a half after authorities found the children.

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