Gervonta Davis Becomes a 3-Division Champion by Stopping Mario Barrios Last Night

by spicyray

If Jervonta “Tank” Davis’ lifestyle is questionable, he leaves little doubt about his skills and talents as a boxer inside the ring.  Last night, he moved up two weight classes to the 140-pound division, controlled and beat Mario Barrios (26-1, 17 KOs) for 11 rounds before referee Thomas Taylor rescued Barrios and called the fight off at 2:13.   

Davis beat Barrios to the punch all night and put him down on the canvas three times.  Although Davis was the smaller man, Davis (25-0, 24 KOs), knew how to use his disadvantage to his advantage. 

In round 8 he landed a hard shot that put Barrios down for the first time in his career.   Barrios made the standing-eight count, but it took Davis a matter of seconds before dropping him again Stopping Mario Barrios Last Night.

Stopping Mario Barrios Last Night

By round ten, it was clear that Davis was too much for Barrios.  And by round 11, Davis landed a tremendous body shot that sent Barrios down.  Although the referee allowed Barrios to fight on, it was a moot point; Davis took advantage of Barrios who was in survival mode trying to withstand an onslaught of punches from Davis Stopping Mario Barrios Last Night.

“I made it tough, I made it tough. I definitely could have made it easier, but it is what it is,” Davis said. “I went up two weight classes, and I got the job done. I was coming up two weight classes, but I knew that if I caught him, I could get him out of there,” Davis said.   As for Barrios, he accepted his defeat with honor.

“I have never been a hater, congrats to Tank. He came in here and did his thing,” Barrios said. “This was nothing short of an exciting fight, and that’s what we came here to do. I’ll be back.”



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