In late June, most news outlets reported that in South Africa, Gosiame Thamara Sithole gave birth to ten babies on June 8.  Her story was unique because she was the first woman to have ever done so.  In fact, there was even a picture of Sithole and her husband Teboga Tsotetsi posted on the internet showing a severely pregnant Sithole.  Tsotetsi even said that he was the happiest man in the world because God had chosen him.

However, things have changed once government officials said the 37-year-old Sithole wasn’t pregnant after all.   Upon further investigation, the Government checked every hospital and discovered no record of Sithole giving birth to 10 babies. “None of the hospitals in the province, public and private, had any records of such births at their facilities,” an official notice from the government said. It further read, “It has now been established by medical practitioners that Ms. Sithole did not give birth to any babies in recent times.”

Sithole and Teboga Tsotetsi

Piet Rampedi, a journalist and friend of the Sithole family, wrote a story last month that said Sithole had given birth to the number of babies at Steve Biko Academic Hospital in South Africa.  At the announcement, the Guinness World Record was looking into this.   According to a news outlet in South Africa, Sithole apparently had no physical scars that would have indicated she had a recent C-section.

Sitholes’ husband’s family filed a missing report after her whereabouts became unknown.  Once local police located Sithole, she was admitted to the psychiatric ward at Tembisa Hospital in Johannesburg to undergo a mental health assessment

Although Teboga Tsotetsi gave the impression that he knew for a fact that she was carrying 10 babies, now he is saying he thought she was, however, it raises questions about how Tsotetsi would have not known Sithole wasn’t pregnant given that she would have received intensive perinatal care.

However, Tsotetsi’s family came to his defense and released a statement saying, “He made several attempts to visit his girlfriend (although reports said they were married), but she has failed to disclose her whereabouts and the condition of her babies.” 

After Sithole was admitted to the psych ward, her lawyer, Refiloe Mokoena, commented that his client was being kept there despite her wishes. “She declined that she should be taken to the Tembisa Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation because she felt strongly that she is of sound mind,” according to the site Face2face Africa.

He added, “She then instructed me to accompany her to the Tembisa Hospital. And when we arrived at the hospital, they took her straight toward 14, the psychiatric ward. They told me that now she was in their custody, they would not be allowing the lawyers and the team of psychologists that she had requested to be present.”

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