Gossips Explicit Adult Content

by spicyray

Everyone wants to know more; being nosy really is a part of the human psyche. Curiosity. Everyone loves the gossip, the new information that would never be found on books, only on someone’s Facebook feed.

Always with the information that would defame a certain individual, then people would come to you and ask if it’s true, or maybe not, and just judge you from afar. And I was one of those certain individuals.

Once upon a time, in a land still inside this world, a girl apparently had sex with her tutor to get better grades. This girl apparently got herself pregnant and about to drop her studies. This girl apparently loves older guys. Fucking gossips… literally. 

I looked around me and just listened, watched who would come towards me and ask me if it was true; I watched as people laughed and gave me a decent birth on the hallways; I listened and remembered the people who at the very least defended me.

I concluded one thing. 

I’m surrounded by idiots.

The real purpose of college

photo by Dainis Graveris

University students, some even doing their masters, consumed this media of false information. I raised my eyebrows as I observed the moronic scenes unfolding around me. 

I mean, yes, I fucked my tutor; he was hot. His knowledge just really intimidated me, and this strength made my heart beat harder for him; my blood started to warm every time he entered my dorm room, and he has a big cock. Yeah, I saw the creases on his slacks when I once wore slightly revealing clothing; I gauged him if he would fall for my traps; he was single, I was single, why not mingle?

New lesson

Gitty Images

One study session, I made my move; I wore the same outfit that turned him on and let the tension brewing in the air; I touched him more and more, started from the shoulders and then his legs; I slid my hands higher and higher until I felt the tip of his cock. I smiled; I barely passed halfway up his legs.

I caressed it from tip to base and felt his gaze on me; I continued looking at the year-old history book in front of us as I felt him stare me down; Oh yeah, he was just a year above me, so there goes the loving older guys’ rumor.

He grabbed the back of my head and implanted his lips on me, we started to undress each other, and we found ourselves naked on my bed. He was fit, and his cock was heating up my stomach as it lay on it. I grabbed some lube and massaged it for him, he groaned quite loudly, and I smiled

I rubbed some of the lube between my tits and put him in between. His body naturally moved forward and back fucking my tits, popping out from time to time, and he puts it back in. 

Grabbing a condom from his bag, he inserted his cock inside me; damn, I felt the stretch. He was gentle at first, but I felt how wild he was as his movement got rougher. His thrust got more aggressive, and I loved it. We fucked for a while, and he drove me to orgasm; I drenched his cock. He pulled out of me and removed his condom; he massaged himself until he came on my stomach, moaning loudly yet again. 

He smiled, and we laughed. Just basking at the after-sex feeling. Yeah, condom, and he pulled out. I’m sooooooo surprised he didn’t get me pregnant. *sarcasm*

One last thing. 

He was my private tutor, only a year above me, who did this unit I need help with. He can’t control my fucking grades! Morons.

Learning at University

photo by Simon Hajducki

Sex is fun; part of it is being playful with one another. Part of it is giving each other pleasures they otherwise cannot give themselves. You need to be in tune with one another; non-verbal cues would make your sex life even better. But what happens if you have various partners? Well, it’s a bit more interesting.

In my second year of university, I started to experiment with what I’m comfortable with; I was exploring my limits, I was exploring… me. Various partners garnered different experiences; sometimes, they even teach you more about your body than you would not learn about yourself. 

This is the story of Joseph (not his real name). He was a student taking his master’s degree in journalism, a smart, well-spoken man who just knows what he wants. And what he wants to be in erotica. 

Enter, me.

Opening up to more sexual thoughts and acts

photo by Evelyn Chong

I was doing my degree in creative writing when Joseph approached me, we chatted. He told me that I was referred to him by one of his friends for writing really detailed erotic scenes; I mean, I was just starting to write this as an experiment. Still, hey, college student earning money on the side isn’t that bad. We talked more.

I asked him what he would like in his story; he told me about his different kinks and fantasies, but what got my attention was his assurance that he can make any woman squirt. Now, I’ve had a few partners, but none of them could make me do that, not even the best of them, so I’ve always thought that it’s just something I cannot do, oh how wrong I was. 

Our chat continued as I wrote his erotica for him, sometimes on message but mostly in person; I got to know him quite thoroughly in our time. It escalated when I told him I have a friend with benefits.  “Where do I apply for this benefit?” he asked me.

He was smiling and laughing with me; well, I laughed as much as him, surprised with his forwardness. When I told him that his application would be in his bedroom, his face was priceless; I would hold on to that for as long as I can. We got to his room and turned on his laptop; we started watching a movie, but we were already making out even before the opening credits ended. His hands slid into my top and caressed my body, slowly unbuttoning my top. 

Naked in an instant. Damn

photo by Alexander Krivitskiy

We started fucking. He managed to lift m cup and do me in a position I have never felt before; his cock got inside me deeper and deeper over time, he trusted. We fucked until we both collapsed. He came on the condom he was wearing. We both laid down on his bed, looking at the screen on the laptop with a movie halfway done. 

“I thought you told me you could make any woman squirt? I was waiting for it.” I told him.

“Oh, you want the Joseph special?” he told me, grinning. “Coming right up.”

He lubed his fingers and started to massage me between my thighs; every pass made me feel more sensitive; I closed my eyes. I emerged on the sensation he was lending me. I felt his fingers slip right in, gently massaging my insides, carefully finding his way, scratching the itch I didn’t know I had.  My body reacted. 

My muscles started to move on themselves, pressure built up and wanted out, but this was different. My back started to arch, and I felt something coming out of me; he saved his room with a towel he grabbed as I screamed in pleasure,  liquid gushed out of me. Well, it didn’t projectile as I saw in porn, but I heard water being splashed around. It felt so relieving.

We laid down again on his bed, now not caring about the movie. We laughed again as he commented about how we should’ve done that in the shower. 

“Well, as payment, your story is on me. No need to pay.” I said with a wink.

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