Greater Knowledge

By Jessica Isioma Micheal

There is one system of the world that humanity cannot do without, one reoccurring factor in the life of every individual. It is the defining point of life and without it we’re seen as inferior or defective. Often time education defines the status of productivity of a country as it is often believed that a country is as successful as the number of literates it possesses.

The benefits of the educational system can be seen as endless due to the fact that it has always been the most valued and promoted concept in our world today both for monetary and non-monetary purposes. It has allowed countries to become independently aware as regards their nation’s critical thinking skills, it has helped to reduce poverty rate, connected people beyond continents, and helped unify languages in certain regions of the world. Though the reach of education is quite vast, there are certain things that it does not guarantee.

Take for example in my country Nigeria, being a very educated person or graduating first class doesn’t mean you’ll live a comfortable or successful life. A lot of families, whose breadwinners are learned and hold a very good degree, hardly have enough to go through life, and their children are forced to face situations that a child shouldn’t have to experience. Young graduates who expect that by the end of their time in school, their financial lives would be sorted out end up being disappointed due to the lack of jobs in their countries, and the effects of this ordeal is that it drives people to illegal dealings like cybercrime, armed robbery, prostitution and other unimaginable things.

The majority of the people who are uneducated get to live more fulfilling and rewarding lives than those who are educated. People who are educated and are upright financially still don’t live satisfying lives. I got to ask someone who is quite wealthy how he feels about education and he replied “I didn’t get where I am today by education, I had to cut corners and right now I can’t say that I’m satisfied with what I possess because there always seem to be something missing”. This statement made me realize that while education cannot be bastardized, it does not give the sense of peace and calmness that it has been presented to give.

There’s a whole new world beyond the walls of education, more responsibilities to be taken care of, and worthwhile things to live for and in this realm of reality, the principles of education don’t apply but rather limit you. You can tell by your everyday routines if you’re sensitive enough that there are more heights to get to and more things to achieve beyond what our world has to offer us. I can give you more insight into this realm of thought if you’re willing to be limitless and to enlighten the generations to come of the new and right way to achieve success


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