Guilty Pleasures No Such Thing

by Aleena Imran

Why should we be upset about the things we like? You should not be ashamed of it if it makes you happy. Isn’t it time we should stop feeling guilty about our pleasures and simply love them? A guilty pleasure is something you love and enjoy, but feel challenged because a part of your brain believes you aren’t supposed to or allowed to enjoy. Guilty pleasure attitudes tend to fall into two categories: what we put into our bodies (food and drink) and what we put into our thoughts (i.e., music, TV, films, and social media).

Why should you feel guilty if what you’re doing isn’t a threat to yourself or others? Finally, no one should be ashamed of something they enjoy. On the other hand, why do we feel compelled to shame people for the things that make them happy?
It isn’t easy to discover something in life that allows us to unwind and devote ourselves to. Therefore, we shouldn’t make fun of others simply because their sources of enjoyment differ from ours. Everyone is unique, and we all have various interests. You don’t have the right to shame someone else for enjoying something that seems strange and foreign to you.
Final Thoughts:

Eventually, we should be proud of who we are and what brings us joy. Whatever your “guilty pleasure” is, or what kind of “trash” you are, those interests are part of who you are. Rather than trying to hide or justify them, embrace them. Life is supposed to be enjoyable, and if you aren’t living it in the way you enjoy it the most, you will always be missing out.

Guilty pleasures shouldn’t be guilt-inducing. It makes no difference what it is, as long as it brings you joy. Life is too short to be concerned with what others think or criticize for doing what they enjoy. You should enjoy yourself without caring about anything else, as long as whatever gives you pleasure does not hurt you or others.

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