The quest for living a purposeful and meaningful life is inborn in everyone. Everybody wants to leave a legacy behind, something they would be remembered for when they are no more. This is even more pronounced amongst the upper middle class and the top echelon of our society. The use of guns and the killings and misery it has caused to the world got me thinking if this the good legacy we want to be part of by using it in the wrong way.

During my findings, I learned that at least three people were killed and two were injured in a shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sunday; thinking that’s all, March 16, it struck again, eight people that were killed and one wounded at three Atlanta-area spas. It kept me wondering if this the legacy.

Perhaps, the gunman in an Indianapolis shooting that left eight people dead at a FedEx facility had to research its target for over a year before carrying out the operation, and this drive made me enquire further and deduce what could cause all this violence and killing:


The sporadic shooting and use of guns have brought fear upon us and made us abandon the love for fellow beings and replace it with guns. This fear affects our mental health well-being, and that will eventually leave us with the trauma of being shot someday for the rest of our life. Everyone has the right to live without the fear of being attacked. Where you live shouldn’t determine if You will live. It’s in all for us to work together to stop the toll of gun violence wherever we find ourselves.


Unity is a strong bond that holds families, communities, and nations. The importance of how strong it will make a family, community, or nation be if they unite as one. In the advanced part of the world, in the United States of America, skin colors have been a significant concern. The whites folks see themselves as superior to other skin colors. And are well protected than other races. Perhaps, it gave them the mindset that the laws are for others. And create the perspective to see themselves as a god among other skin colors. To this resulting different colors to guard themselves into acquiring guns to curtail the imbalances created by the white race.

1. To acquire a gun, you will have to apply for a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) like the way you are applying for a driving license, which can be a 50-50 chance, with background checks and training courses involved.

2. The license renewal is done every five years, which, if adhered to, you will not be charged with unauthorized possessions under the Firearms Act and Criminal law of the country.

3. Furthermore, it also recognizes that acquisition of arms might incur trauma or suffer from mental illness or other life changes that would put you at risk of using a gun to commit violence to themselves or another person.

In summary, you have what it takes to love your neighbor as you love yourselves, or you pick up guns to save and protect yourselves. The big question is, what legacy are you leaving behind for your generation to come.

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