How a Bulgarian Pedophile Became the Owner of a Kid’s Entertainment Club?

Kids are the future. From the moment a kid is born until the moment that kid becomes an adult, there is an enormous amount of people taking care of them. Starting at the parents’ efforts to create a functional community member and ending at high school teachers attempting to teach chemistry, society puts great value into raising kids. After all, today’s children will become the adults of tomorrow.

However, children are vulnerable. They are naïve, uneducated, and in many aspects simply helpless. You can’t expect them to understand the dangers of the real world because they haven’t encountered them yet. As adults, it’s our job to protect them and introduce them gently to all the things that they will have to deal with when they get older.

In most countries, some organizations and institutions provide resources for raising children. In many cases, this is done through financial support and social services. Ideally, countries create systems to maintain their children’s well-being.

But what happens when the country doesn’t care about the children?

In this article, I am going to tell you about my country and one of the many things wrong with it. Grab a snack and sit tight because we’re going to Bulgaria – a seemingly serene small country in Eastern Europe. If you dive deeper, however, you will discover it is a not so serene piece of land ruled by corruption and incompetence. Standing at 111th place in the world for the freedom of speech index and 69th for corruption, Bulgaria has its issues.

And when it comes to child care, it’s no different. A huge percent of Bulgarian kids are illiterate and living below the poverty line. Even those who have parents seem to struggle to integrate into the not-so-great education system the country provides. Let alone orphans who swing from one foster family to another, finding not a home but a prison due to lack of control over who can before a foster parent in the country. Things aren’t looking great for the Bulgarian youth.

But that’s not what we’re talking about today. Today I would like to tell a story about a children’s entertainment club in Bulgaria’s capital – Sofia.

Kids party club “Perfect” is intended for children aged 8-16 years and is located right in Sofia’s center. It is perfectly accessible for busy parents looking for a place to celebrate their children’s birthdays. You just go into the party center, make a reservation and drop off your kid, knowing that your child is safe and is having fun.

For every parent, their child’s safety is extremely important which means that places like party club “Perfect” should be held by kind and responsible people with an adequate approach towards kids. Unfortunately, we can’t say that the “Perfect” kids club owner matches that description.

So before we let our children stay in the club, let’s get to know the owner.

His name is Krustin Dimitrov Simeonov. When you google his name, you will discover that his name is associated with allegedly engaging in numerous cases of pedophilia and sexual assault of minors.

In 2006 he was convicted of allegedly committing sexual assault against more than 10 underage boys and maintaining a website called “boy lovers,” which contained child pornography collected from his victims. He allegedly  groomed the children by telling them they would be actors so they would agree to pose nude in front of his camera.

After these horrific allegations, you would think that this person wouldn’t be allowed to work with children, and I’d love to think that too. Unfortunately, Krustin established the “Perfect” club in 2008. Two years after he’d been convicted of sexual assault over minors, he creates a children’s entertainment club.

The club turns out to be pretty successful. On their website, you could see that some of their clients and partnerships include some of the most influential Bulgarian media empires.

But wait. How come these huge media groups haven’t performed at least a background check on the owner? How come these media groups don’t know they are allegedly supporting a convicted pedophile?

This is again, one of the many things wrong within and the country and this is merely one of the cases that we know about. Who knows how many more lay below the surface where the public won’t see them?

So welcome to Bulgaria. The country where media support alleged pedophiles, and there are no laws against pedophiles creating children entertainment clubs. The place where you don’t know if your child is safe when you drop them off for their birthday party and you can’t rely on the country to protect your child. We hope you enjoy your stay here. 

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