How A Woman Can Influence Her Man To Change His Dress Style

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Imagine meeting the perfect guy, but you just can’t get over how horribly he dresses. He does everything right, but can’t seem to match his clothes to create a great outfit. How do you, as a woman, influence him to change his dress style?

Before we go deeper into answering this question, you have to understand that when it comes to style, there are two categories of men. There are the ones who care about how they look, and the ones who do not. Now, this article will only help you if your man belongs to the latter category.

Why? Because it is near impossible to get a man who already has a specific style to change it. So if your man doesn’t know how to look good and doesn’t care to change it, here’s how you can influence him to change.

1.     Do Some Shopping For Him

Woman Wearing Maroon Velvet Plunge-neck Long-sleeved Dress While Carrying Several Paper Bags Photography
photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Go shopping for him behind his back and present the clothes to him as a surprise. Ask him to try out the clothes when he is in a very jolly mood. It does not have to be a special occasion before you can do this. Everyone loves a thoughtful gift. So you can tell him how you saw the clothes, and could only think about how good he will look in them.

However, if this is perfect, you have to know his sizes for everything. You don’t want to surprise him with shoes that aren’t his size.

2.     Compliment His Looks When He Dresses How You Like

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photo by Ajay Donga

Don’t stop after you’ve gone shopping for him. Take the next step by making him feel good when he wears what you have bought him. Whenever he styles himself with the clothes you got him, compliment him. Tell him he looks dapper in them. Make him feel encouraged to keep wearing them.

3.     Throw Out (Or Give Out) His Ill-Fitting Clothes

Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt Sitting on Floor
Vlada Karpovich

Gradually. Get rid of his old clothes gradually. Do not storm into his wardrobe and throw out his clothes. That will get you in trouble. What you want to do is first get new clothes to replace the ones you will be throwing out. This way, he won’t easily notice your scheme, and if he does, he won’t be angry about it.

4.     Be An Example To Him

Woman in Black Hat and White Long Sleeve Shirt
Leandro Pires

You can’t wish to change your man’s dress style to something better if you don’t dress well yourself. You have to motivate him to change his dress style by being an example worth emulating.

If you always put in the effort to dress impressively, he won’t want to look unfashionable standing next to you. So, yeah, he will make an effort to keep up with you.


Following these tips will help any woman change his dress style. But you have to know that the change will not happen overnight. This means you have to be patient with his progress. Keep shopping for you, compliment him, and be the ideal example he can emulate.

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