How has Girl’s Life Changed under Taliban Rule?

by Ghost writers


hat has changed during the Taliban regime? You might be wrong if you think girls’ lives have remained unchanged in the region since the Taliban’s latest attack. Before the Taliban rule started in Afghanistan, girls’ life was fair, but today, their life has changed beyond imagination due to the Taliban education prison for girls and women.

Taliban Regime in Afghanistan


The Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996-to 2001, and in 2001, the US-led forces removed them from their power. They followed a rapid offense and again took control of Afghanistan in 2021. The world accused the Taliban of devastating various human rights, such as banning television, cinema, and music, and they did not allow girls above the age of ten to go to school. Not only this, but they also destroyed the Bamiyan Buddha statues and were accused of cultural abuses.

Here are a few changes that girls in Afghanistan face. Their life has become a living hell.

Girls can’t Go Outside to Work


Girls in Afghanistan are not allowed to work outside their homes. This means they are not allowed to do any job, including working with their own money. Many women lost their jobs because of the Taliban policies, which have imposed restrictions on women working. The families face severe problems due to increased food and transportation, as the women were sometimes reported as the sole or primary earners for the family. Only the women in primary education or healthcare were allowed to work, but they are not getting paid because of the financial crisis, as foreign aid for health and education has been cut off. According to Halima Kazem-Stojanovic, a core faculty member of SJSU’s Human Rights Institute,

“Afghan women and girls face both the collapse of their rights and dreams and risks to their basic survival.”

Girls are not allowed to leave the House without Guardian


Under Taliban rule, married girls are not allowed to travel outside their homes, village, or city without the permission of their father, brother, husband, or any other male relative. This means they cannot go shopping or visit their family members. The only reason for this is that it is against the teachings of Islam. Girls have very limited rights in this society and are treated as second-class citizens.

Wear Full Veil


The Taliban have enforced a full veil for all women in public, which means women cannot appear in public without covering their hair, face, and body. It means girls must wear burqas all day long. If they do not wear it, they will be punished by their parents or husbands. According to Human Rights Watch, the new Taliban rule had detrimental impacts on the life of the girls and women of Afghanistan.

Education for Girls is Forbidden


Taliban have banned girls and women from higher or secondary education, and these girls only have to focus on religious studies. In the past, education for girls was not only forbidden, but also seen as a waste of time. It was believed girls should be homely and prepare food for their families while they were young. But since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, things have changed dramatically. They have made it difficult for girls to study and even make their own educational choices.

Girls are no longer allowed to go to school or learn new things, because they will be forced into a marriage with a man their family members have chosen. A woman who defied them ran a home school for girls and was killed by the Taliban in front of her dear ones. 

Girls Can’t Choose Their Life-Partners

Three-year-old Sunam wears a bridal outfit in Kabul, Afghanistan, in August. She is arranged to be married to her 7-year-old cousin.Farzana Wahidy / AP

Under Taliban rule, girls are not allowed to choose their life partners. They also do not have the right to marry without the consent of their guardians. Many girls feel like they have no choice but to marry someone they don’t know, who may or may not treat them well—and many marriages end in divorce.

Girls are treated as property by their family members and forced to stay in their homes. Sometimes, men force their girls to marry against their will or take them out against their will.

Dismantled the Former Police


The Taliban has dismantled the former police, and now there is insecurity for women, as the Taliban see the women working for foreign organizations as their enemy. One woman said when she went to work, she was not allowed to do work, and a Taliban member asked her to leave, as they don’t want women to work. According to a government worker, the Taliban targeted women in the army or police. 

Apart from work, the women are controlled in every way, as the Taliban decide which clothes women can wear and how they can travel, and even allow specific phones for women to keep. They have closed the domestic abuse shelters, and the women and girls have become mere puppets in the hands of the Taliban. Almost every aspect of women’s life has restrictions, and the women previously active in public and social life hide their dreams. Their dreams of getting an education and running businesses have been ruined under the Taliban rule.

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