How the right blazer can vamp up any look from 0-to 100 

by Vivian Bens
4 min read


t’s a given, that to pull off that boss-chic-well-put-together look, a blazer is a plug that never disappoints. The blazer was originally developed as a dapper look for a less formal event, such as when one goes yachting or golfing, but its use and relevance have grown in leaps.

In many ways, a blazer is between a suit jacket and a sports coat. It is roomier than a suit jacket but more fitted than a sports coat. It is the ideal accessory for the semi-formal and classic look.  

“When it comes to blazers, the days of being able to only wear it with a pair of khaki chinos are very long gone. These days, you should rock a blazer with everything from a pair of dark-washed denim to a nicely tailored pair of slacks,” said the manufacturer of a clothing line called Combat Gentlemen.  

“Blazers are completely versatile and when styled properly will carry you from the office to dinner followed by the bar. If you’re new to the blazer club it’s best to pair your piece with darkly-colored items, this will allow you to feel comfortable in any situation, from early morning meetings to the late-night drinks. Blazers have a unique ability to keep you looking nicely dressed even when you’re not in the mood to wear a full suit. You’d be surprised how they are able to easily transition to and from any environment or occasion.”

Here are some easy ways to spruce up any look with a blazer…

#1. Pair that dress in a blazer


To add some classy flair to a low maxi dress, spice it up with a lightweight blazer. Some killer accessories and the right pair of heels will make all the difference here. A pair of sneakers can transform the look into an effortless and contemporary one.

#2. Blazer on jeans


Never underestimate the power of a chic blazer on pencil jeans. For a fashion-forward look, it’s best to opt for a structured blazer with platform or kitten heels for that effortlessly chic vibe, or sneakers for a sporty finish.

#3. Blazer and turtleneck


Pairing a blazer with a turtleneck top, whether silk, cotton, or wool, gives off a layered appearance that screams sophistication. For an edgy flair, compliment with a leather skirt, and thank me later!

#4. Matching shorts and blazer outfit


It’s more common for women to wear blazers on cotton or denim shorts, but a shorts suit set is also an on-trend way to rock a blazer look. A colorful shorts suit set has become a staple in every style of a girl’s closet.

#5. Blazer and a slip dress


The slip dress is among one of the sexiest 90s trends that have been revisited since 2019. While it is an elegant outfit, the plunging neckline restricts it to only semi-formal wear. Throw a blazer over a lovely slip dress to keep you warm and classy for any function, from the office to an evening outing with friends or date night with the love of your life. Accessorize with a mini handbag or purse, some layered necklace to match the shine of the dress, and throw on some strappy heels for an extra touch of class.

Blazers are the classic wardrobe pieces that keep giving and will remain so for a long time. Investing in one or more statement blazers will help you achieve that boss chic aura without having to go the full suit route.

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