A good relationship with subordinates works in favor of the organization. You can rest assured that the work will be carried out efficiently and effectively. But what are the things you can do as a superior to improve your relationship with your subordinates?

#1. Be the leader you are called to be.

Improve Your Relationship With Subordinates

It is possible to second guess yourself as a leader. Especially if you were chosen to lead a group of people that are more knowledgeable than you. However, a leader is not someone who knows it all. A leader is rather one who can recognize others’ potentials and channel them towards the actualization of organizational goals.

Build up your confidence as a leader. Subordinates can recognize when you are not sure of yourself. As a confident leader, you will command more respect and cooperation from those under you.

#2. Provide constructive feedback.

Criticism aims to help the employee get better. As a leader, you should be intentional about giving corrections to motivate the employee to get better. The best way to do that is to attack the issue and not the person. Doing that will make your subordinates know that such corrections are being given for their benefit.

#3. Be approachable.

Don’t isolate yourself totally from the people you are leading. When subordinates can comfortably come to you with ideas and concerns, then you may have made progress in this area. Running an organization or your department with an open-door policy gives the employees a sense of belonging. It makes them feel they are part of the organization and their contributions are valued.

#4. Be original.

People can detect falsehood just the same way a dog can sense fear from a distance.  In a bid to relate with your subordinates, don’t lose your originality. Many people have erroneously believed that as a leader, you have to be all bossy and severe. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Be yourself with your subordinates, and they will respect you for who you are.

How to improve your relationship with superiors.

You have not yet made that top position, and you have someone you are working under. Let’s face the facts: building a good relationship with your superior can be one of the best career moves to make. But then how do you go about it so that you can have a more productive work life?

#1. Take the initiative.

Every manager or leader desires to have subordinates who do not wait to be told everything before doing it. Show by your actions that you are eager to take up more significant roles and responsibilities. Improve Your Relationship With Subordinates

Take time to think and come up with ideas that would move the company forward and run it by your superior. This will show them that you are interested in the growth of the company. Pitch ideas, and don’t be afraid to give suggestions in meetings. Improve Your Relationship With Subordinates

#2. Never speak ill of your boss.

Even if you have a horrible person as a superior, never be caught talking ill of them. Don’t be in a hurry to expose their weaknesses to whoever cares to listen. Make them look good at every point in time. If you do so, they will be happy. And a happy boss makes for a happy subordinate.

#3. Find the right communication channel.

Observe your superior to know the best way to communicate with them. Some may prefer emails, reports, or one-on-one meetings. Whatever the case is, find out which one works best and make the most of it.

And while you are at it, remember that communication is not complete until there is feedback. Therefore, ensure you ask your boss for feedback when necessary. Remember, he is a leader and may have a thousand and one things going on through his mind. So if you don’t ask for such feedback, it may never be given.

#4. Go out of your way to offer help when needed.

You don’t necessarily have to wait until your boss asks for help before you offer to help. All it takes is a little bit of careful observation to know when your help will come in handy. At other times, you can just ask them directly if they need help with anything. It wouldn’t take much from you but can work in your favor. Improve Your Relationship With Subordinates


The importance of a good workplace relationship cannot be overemphasized. However, this relationship does not just happen but requires intentional effort from both the employees and the employers.

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