how to overcome insecurity
Author Tehreem Fatima

There comes a phase in almost every girl’s life where she becomes highly insecure about her body, intelligence, or self-worth. Some people get out of that phase real quick, but some get stuck in there forever.  All women need to understand how to cope up with their insecurities My Journey From Being an Insecure College.

I never imagined myself writing a public blog post about this topic as; I was ashamed of having so many insecurities about myself. But, I figured teenagers could benefit from this post, and even I, a mature and confident woman, would still like to read a post like this.

My Journey From Being an Insecure College Student to a Confident Young Girl

In my own story about my insecurities I used to think, having insecurities is not normal, but it turns out quite the opposite.

Living In The Age Of Social Media

Living in the age of social media where every other girl on Instagram seemed to be perfect in everything, I had lots of doubts about myself. I even used to envy some of them. I considered them superior human beings than me for having all the perfections I wanted in myself.

I judged myself based on my looks and disapproved of myself in whatever I did. I would say things to myself in my mind, about my body and worth that I would never say to anybody else.

Not having the perfect curves, teeth and hair became an issue for me. I started to obsess about what other people would think or suggest, how I looked in those clothes. What I could wear and what I could not. Sometimes I even dreaded looking at myself in the mirror how to overcome insecuritya.

Feel Less Worthy Of Myself

Not just that, I was not happy with my academic results either. I had always been an above-average student, but I never became a position holder. And when I was compared to others, I used to feel less worthy of myself. I developed so much negative energy in myself that it took a toll on me. Inner guidance

Deep down, I knew I was doing wrong to myself. I knew it was all in my head, and nobody talks about me or my body. I knew that if I learned to love myself as I was, my insecurities would vanish how to overcome insecuritya.

Sometimes I reflected upon the fact that why do we women care so much about our bodies? Why do we pay so much attention to our looks? We could make much better use of this time if we forget about our bodies and concentrated on something else. How much more could we do if we only focused on the good aspects of ourselves, our ambitions, plans, ideas, and dreams?

How I overcame my insecurity

One day I sat under the beautiful sky, and I decided to let go of all the negative energy in me about myself.

Step I

I started challenging my negative thoughts and looked for positive aspects in everything. I also stopped comparing myself to random people with “perfect” bodies and lives. Over time, I became grateful for whatever I had and quit complaining about what I didn’t.

Step II

I adopted various habits, like reading novels, going on a walk daily, doing nature photography to keep myself busy. Sometimes it’s your vacant mind that causes you to overthink about yourself and feel depressed. So, staying busy helped me focus on my goals rather than my body and insecurities how to overcome insecuritya.

Step III

I began to accept myself the way I was. And I avoided things that triggered me to think little of myself.  Also, instead of looking for reassurances from others, I gave affirmations to myself about my worth. This small act built my self-esteem and made me thankful for things that I have.

With a positive point of view towards life, I became confident, grateful, and content. I performed well academically as well and got into a med school. Despite my struggles in the past, today, I can say that I’m happy.

My message

It took me some time to feel comfortable in my skin. However, I did. And you will too. You need to look in the mirror every day and remind yourself that you are beautiful and strong. Never let someone tell you what your body should look like. And never, ever tell yourself things you would never say to someone else.

There is always a way; you just have to go and look for the method that works the best for you. Perhaps this article is just a little step for you in the right direction.


  1. Aye I’m so proud of you! 😍 More power to you girl. Beautifully penned xx

  2. Really appreciable…
    There are very less people who admit their insecurities and then work to overcome them.
    Inspiring one… ❤️❤️

  3. Worth a read for every insecure girl out there. The way you fabricated the steps is wonderful. Indeed we just need to focus and let go any negative thoughts that bother us. More Power to You.

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