How To Recover From A Breakup

by Vivian Bens
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Sure, it sucks not to see those early morning romantic text messages waiting for you, but you can keep crying over spilled milk. As much as that relationship meant a lot to you, you shouldn’t sulk due to the breakup. Now that what was meant to be forever is over, it’s best to pick yourself and move on to other things.

Having to experience a breakup is undeniably challenging, and can sap a lot of energy. Although no one expects you to be all sunshine and rainbows like nothing happened, there are things you could do to help oil the wheels of your healing process.

This is the right time for some self-rediscovery–a time to find out who you are and what makes you happy. It sounds harsh, but it’s proven that resisting the temptation of reliving your broken relationship memories has helped many people stay afloat during that period of their lives. It’s okay to mourn, because you literally lost someone with whom you shared a part of you, but don’t stay there too long.

There are no hard and fast rules to getting over a breakup. Even broken friendships make a mark, let alone a romantic one, but these tips would help lead you on the right path to recovery, and in no time, you’ll be singing a new love song.

Check out these 5 tips on how to recover from a breakup …

#1. Get closure and wrap it up

This is the time to seek the answers you might need to clear up any doubts lingering in the air. Also, if you have investments together, use this period to discuss how to split all that so you can move on. These things must be done maturely so that these loose ends won’t be used as an excuse to call your ex during the withdrawal period.

#2. Take some time off to cry

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When a breakup hits deeply, it is tempting to try and suppress your emotions, but this has proven to be more toxic than helpful. It is, of course, inappropriate to let out all these emotions in public, so take time out for yourself and cry, scream, write, listen to solemn music, unfollow the ex on social media, among other things.

This whole process of purging is perfectly normal and healthy. Allow yourself to feel your emotions deeply; that’s the beginning of the healing process–a healthier way to recover from a breakup.

#3. Keep yourself busy

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This is definitely not the time to quit your job and stay home crying and reminiscing all day long. Instead, it’s a crucial time to fill up the vacuum your ex has left behind. All those times allocated to date nights and long calls are probably empty right now. Given that nature thrives on a vacuum, it’s time to stuff them up to reduce the chances of being tempted enough to reach out to your ex.

#4. Meet new people

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Be friendly and open to meeting new friends. You don’t need a rebound, but putting yourself out there again after a breakup could help boost your self-confidence. It has to be taken slow and steady to avoid rushing into a relationship that might not be healthy. After all, you just got out of one that left your heart shredded in pieces.

#5. Get a support system

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A breakup comes with that feeling of rejection, which tampers the self-esteem of even the most assertive individuals.

At this point, most start to feel not good enough, and this is where it is essential to have supportive friends and family who will show you that you still matter to them. It is okay to rely on these people for the time being while you work on rebuilding yourself again. Know that rejection is actually just redirection.

These are not standard rules on ways to recover from a breakup, but we hope you’ll find this helpful enough to get back up. If you feel things spinning out of your control, do not hesitate to seek professional help immediately.

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