How to Understand and Overcome Jealousy Consciously

by Tehreem Fatima


he word “jealousy” has a negative connotation. It is not unfamiliar to hear people say things like, “Don’t be jealous,” or “Jealousy ruins relationships.” But what makes this feeling so bad?

Jealousy is an entirely natural emotion that comes and goes without warning, affecting individuals of all ages, races, and sexes. 

It is a complicated sentiment that includes a wide range of feelings, including suspicion, anger, disappointment, and resentment. However, Jealousy reveals a lot about yourself and your needs as well.

This article will help you understand Jealousy. 

Why we feel jealous

We often experience this feeling when we are insecure about ourselves or worried about losing something or someone important to us. It is not the same as envy, which is the desire for something that belongs to someone else.

Although Jealousy is a painful emotional experience, psychologists consider it a necessary feeling. It provides a wake-up call that a valued relationship is in jeopardy and that steps must be taken to reclaim a companion or friend’s affection.

Jealousy can be perceived both positively and negatively.

Without Jealousy, a person may lose his or her investment in a relationship to a threat. Expressing this emotion here helps and motivates individuals to participate in activities that help to preserve meaningful relationships.

But long-term relationships are based on trust. When Jealousy becomes an obstinate pattern in a relationship, it erodes the foundation of faith, which is necessary for a fruitful, fulfilling relationship.

If you battle these feelings for a long time, Jealousy will harm both your physical and mental health. So you should know how to deal with these feelings consciously.

How to cope up with Jealousy

Acknowledge what you feel

Initially, we must acknowledge that we are human beings and can experience Jealousy for various reasons.

I’ve seen people who refuse to accept the idea that they may be jealous of someone else. You cannot conquer Jealousy if you do not acknowledge it.

So, instead of accusing someone else of your Jealousy, visualize it as your insecure way of responding.

Examine your jealous emotions

You are jealous of your coworker’s promotion because you believe you are not good enough at your job to be promoted.

You feel jealous when your partner begins spending more time with a new friend, perhaps because this was the first thing you noticed when a former partner was cheating.

Knowing what’s behind your Jealousy, whether it’s insecurity, anxiety, or a previous relationship pattern, will help you work out how to deal with it.

Know your worth

Jealousy triggers you to compare yourself to others and question your self-worth.

When researchers looked into the possibility of a correlation between Jealousy and self-esteem, they discovered evidence that Jealousy can grow when your self-esteem is low.

It will make you feel as if nothing you have is good enough. It would be best to overcome this feeling by practicing self-compassion and expressing gratitude for every little thing you have.

Tame your imaginations

Recognize your pessimistic thinking and self-talk. Replace it with encouraging and soothing words.

Try not to exaggerate things by going through them in your head over and over.

You don’t need to obsess and stress over anything.

Jealousy is an irrational feeling of no rhyme or reason. Analyze your obsessive feelings in contrast to what you’ve seen or have observed. Replace the thoughts of conspiracy with factual evidence.

My message

Jealousy can assist you in focusing on who (or what) you care about. It does not have to be a source of conflict for you or your relations. In some cases, it can even help to strengthen relationships. It all depends on how you use it. Act wisely.

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