Imperfect Is the New Perfect

by Nnebeana Blessing Chinelo
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Everybody loves to look beautiful and calm. We all try to cover up some deficiencies (in varying degrees) just to appear as best as we can. We also love to do things in the best ways possible to achieve optimum results. In essence, we all strive for perfection. Perfection in ourselves and perfection in the things we do. But do we get to that state?

According to the dictionary, perfection is a state of being total, whole, or complete and without defects or flaws. It’s also a state where nothing essential or requisite is lacking in a thing or person. To be perfect, we can say one has attained the highest possible level above which there is no other. It’s also important to note that perfection means different things to different people. While it is true that everyone appreciates what is good, what one may see as perfect could not be so in the sight of another. This often brings conflict as to what perfection truly means.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that perfection doesn’t exist. Even the Good Lord said only One is perfect, which is God. Everything and everyone has one inherent flaw or another. Yours might be in your appearance; you may have a flat nose, bulgy eyes, large cheek, or short. It could also be the sound of your voice, the way you talk, or the way you walk. Imperfection is in all of us.

Rather than live with who they are, many people strive to be perfect, thereby living inauthentic lives. Artists, models and quite a few others often live on a diet for most of their careers. Even after that, their photos get edited repeatedly before it is released to the media. The quest for perfection has also made people go for correctional surgeries on some parts of their bodies. In all, many people are left disappointed and further unhappy after seeing that they couldn’t get to that state of perfection they always craved for.

Many things often cause this strive for perfection. Societal pressures are among the causative factors. You often get bullied as a child due to your calm nature, and you see calmness as a weakness; hence you decide to become violent. You may get taunted by your friends for your skin, thus making you want to change your complexion, or you could even get pressured by your parents or spouse making you do what may make you look upright before them, and at the end of these, you discover that you are still imperfect.

On the other hand, you may be working with a perfectionist partner or boss in the office who sees everything you do as lacking that extra touch of goodness, and in a bid to please him/her, you hide your true personality and do things his/her way to gain acceptance. In cases like this, people get tired of living a fake life and revert to who they indeed are. Wouldn’t it be best to live the way you are in the first place?

Trying to be perfect would deprive you of trying out new things. It would also make you live a fake life. Do things, make mistakes, and learn new ways of doing them. As absurd as it may sound, mistakes can be helpful. The story of Thomas Edison comes to mind. He got the suitable filament for the electric bulb at his 1,000th trial. If he had to be a perfectionist, he would have stopped the experiment halfway because of the mistakes he made.


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